There’s heat under that collar…

Hot under the Collar by Kris P. Kreme

Hot under the Collar by Kris P. Kreme

Preacher Paul is relaxing before meeting with seniors soon to be heading off to college.

When one of those young members, Amy, soon to be studying for the ministry herself, rushes in with coffee, her clumsiness results in splashes all over the pastor’s collar he left on his desk.

While an accident, Amy is horrified and has to fix her mistake… but fixing one mistake may make another as she trusts Melgrim and Grimmel at the costume shop down the street.

Offering to let her have a collar from the preacher costume they carry, Amy never suspects that the disinfecting spray Melgrim spritzes it with will have Preacher Paul getting literally Hot Under the Collar… most of that heat for her.


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Preacher Paul is a pretty easygoing guy, and definitely impressed by even the most common miracles. The way the heat sways and distorts the air from the hot pavement outside his study at the church for example is fascinating. However it won’t be that kind of heat that distorts Preacher Paul’s entire world.

In a short while, Paul is having a pastoral meeting with the four seniors, youths who very soon will be off to college, leaving the friendly familiar church, and of those youths Amy is easily the one who he has the biggest hopes for.

In recent years, Amy has become almost an assistant of his, running errands around the church, even now getting things ready for the senior high meeting in a couple of hours. Unfortunately youthful enthusiasm for life comes with youthful mistakes, and as Amy is bringing Preacher Paul a fresh mug of coffee, the heat of it causes her to bobble it just enough to slosh and spill all over his pastor’s collar which he set on his desk.

Planning to be a preacher herself, heading off to seminary, Amy is mortified at her mistake, at the horrible brown staining to the pure white collar. It’s the most important symbol of being a preacher, she thinks, the one thing Preacher Paul always wears, even casually. It represents so much, and even if Paul is not angry, Amy just knows she has ruined their final meeting as young people before going out into the world to find their way.

Not having another collar on hand, and no possible way to have it cleaned in time, Amy simply can’t handle how dumb she has been, how clumsy, and even if Preacher Paul says it’s no big deal, she has to fix it… somehow.

Running off, assuring Preacher Paul that she has it… the perfect idea to make their meeting go on with none of the other seniors knowing that his collar got horribly coffee stained, Amy hopes the place she saw will have a pastor’s collar she can take him.

What Amy could never know is that while most costume shops might have fake collars she can let him use with no consequences, Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle isn’t an ordinary shop.

Rushing in, breathless from the heat of sprinting down the street to the shop, Amy isn’t interested in the entire preacher costume the two odd looking salesmen have to offer. She’s only interested in the collar, only the collar matters and as she tells Melgrim and Grimmel, it’s urgent.

After some thought, Melgrim is a very generous soul, offering to simply give Amy the collar, no need to charge for such a small costume element. However he does insist she allow him to spray it with a special sanitizing deodorizing spray, which he points out has a nice earthy scent to it. Calling it an altar scent, the truth is that this scent is more altering than altar based, and as soon as she returns to the church and presents it to Preacher Paul, plenty of alterations will be taking place.

Preacher Paul is of course very impressed with Amy’s creativity, thinking of the nearby costume shop for solving the dilemma of his stained collar. She’s always been incredibly smart, and is sure to make a church very happy one day… although after putting on the collar, thoughts of the heat are returning, and mostly it’s a new kind of heat Paul isn’t used to feeling that burn into his thoughts.

Watching Amy run back and forth down the hall, setting up books, papers, all the little gift bags he had for her and the three others, Paul’s starting to notice Amy more and more, finding his thoughts wandering over every curve of her tight teen body, and worse, he’s beginning to focus on how mature she is, how she might look underneath her good girl clothing.

Is it more disturbing to be having such thoughts, or that he’s quickly starting to not mind those thoughts at all… and is wondering whether Amy can be fucked stupid even if she is one of the brightest young minds he knows?

It’s hot outside this summer, but thanks to a demonic twist at a twisted costume shop, it’s always going to be Hot Under the Collar for Preacher Paul, and anyone around that breathes in the scent of that special collar he wheres will definitely feel the burning desires of nonstop sin.


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