Krismas has shiny things…

Orna-MENTAL by Kris P. Kreme

Orna-MENTAL by Kris P. Kreme

Shopping for decorations, Travis takes the woman he has been dating and her daughter to the thrift store to save money for more important holiday expenses.

What none of them could imagine is that the brand new yet older ornaments they find were recovered from and donated by an old asylum rumored to have cursed items that inspire madness.

After Angela and her daughter Katie begin decorating the tree, the aroma of the ornaments puts truly twisted crazy ideas in both of their heads, ideas they merely giggle and go with, much to the shock of Travis.

Can anything stop the insanity this Christmas, or is everything around one fancy house going to be quite Orna-MENTAL?


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Angela is a great woman, and Travis is the only man she has dated in a long time that actually appeals not only to her but to her college age daughter Katie.

A former teacher of Katie’s, high school teacher Travis is probably used to handling stress, and this holiday season has been anything but stressful thanks to his willingness to help out around the house.

Out shopping for Christmas ornaments for the fancy big artificial tree Travis intends to set up at Angela’s place, the three never could suspect just where the ornaments they find originally came from.

As Travis explains, the best bargains around when it comes to holiday decorations are at the local thrift shop. After all, it saves money for the important things, the gifts. But among the donated items for sale at this thrift shop are a number of unopened brand new ornaments that even the stock boy questioned them selling.

It’s because these ornaments, no matter that they haven’t been used, came from an old asylum reported in frightening rumors to contain items that were cursed to inspire insanity.

Yet true or not, it’s these very ornaments in bright shiny colors that Angela and Katie spot immediately. They certainly stand out among all the secondhand generally dusty low quality items and considering the fancy home these women live in, it’s unsurprising they choose the fanciest ornaments available.

And so Travis is soon busy putting up their twelve foot tree, Angela and Katie going out to eat, bringing him back a burger.

It’s as Travis takes a lunch break, the girls back, burger much appreciated, that they first crack open those brand new ornaments.

With Travis far enough away that he’s clueless to what’s going on, Angela and her daughter begin decorating the new tree, but something has quite the pungent unexpected aroma… and it isn’t the tree.

Those ornaments are quite oddly scented, not simply the fresh brand new smell of opened plastic which sealed them in. There’s something else, something invasive as Angela and Katie each begin swaying a bit as though they had a few glasses of wine, each begin giggling a little at the strange thoughts they are having.

Totally unaware of how crazy their ideas are turning, Angela is taking Katie’s word that Travis would probably like her as a stupid little bimbo, and even crazier that smacking her head with the rubber mallet he used to hammer in sections of the tree would likely make her just that much dumber.

Decorating the tree never took a literally crazier twist than when the ornaments from a cursed asylum found their way into Angela and Katie’s home, but just what will happen when Travis walks in and sees the intelligent woman he loves doing something insane? And what crazy insane ideas will Katie get about making egg nog when she realizes they have no milk in the house?

Sometimes the holidays can really drive a man mental, but nothing comes close to one household this Christmas, as the residents don’t just decorate… they get Orna-MENTAL.


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