Mar 06 2018

It’s more transformative than the Twilight Zone

Stuck in Bimbo Limbo by Kris P. Kreme

Stuck in Bimbo Limbo by Kris P. Kreme

After a study session leaves her exhausted one night, and with worries about not being everything her boyfriend desires, Cassandra finds herself with time to rethink her ambitions after a scary car accident leads her on a life changing journey.

Waking to being pried from her car, strapped down and taken to a strange hospital, Cassandra knows that something is off about everything and everyone. But is it really her that something is off about?

Just what sort of recovery is she experiencing, what sort of fluids are in that IV that is somehow changing her once boyish body?

Will she see her boyfriend again and ultimately will he recognize the bimbo she soon may become?


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After a late night study session on campus, Cassandra is about to find her simple tired drive home leading her anywhere but where she intends.

Talking with her boyfriend Jeremy on the way from the group study session, the brainy young Cassandra is reminiscing about how long they’ve known each other, from days on a playground before either had much interest in relationships to the bond they have now, but even the best bonds come with occasional cracks in the foundation.

Tina Finch would embody the most obvious on this night, Cassandra bothered when she catches Jeremy innocently glancing at the rather slutty notorious girl on campus, a girl who is much bustier than Cassandra, much easier, and rumored to be sleeping with professors for passing grades.

Even if Cassandra knows that Jeremy has no interest in a girl like Tina, a simple glance or two nothing to stress over, the tired late night has her mind rolling over all the endless worries an intelligent if slightly nerdy glasses wearing girl like Cassandra can imagine when comparing herself to near feminine perfection like Tina’s.

Whether it’s that distraction of worries or simply her mind overdue for rest, it’s not as much a surprise when Cassandra finds her focus away from the road just off campus, away from the large jackrabbit that happens to dart at the worst possible time in front of her car… leading to her wildly swerving, losing control, and spinning several times to end up quite badly wrecked in a ditch.

As the jackrabbit hops off unharmed, Cassandra can’t say she feels the same for herself, passing out slumped achingly over the wheel.

Yet when she awakens to loud wrenching metal the next morning, rescued from her destroyed car by ambulance workers, is everything right with the world or has she slipped into a place between the folds of what she always knew and what she never imagined?

Loopy, assuming everything is just from injuries she may have sustained in the wreck, Cassandra is taken to a nearby small hospital, one she has never heard of, one where she encounters an immensely busty nurse, a mysterious rarely seen doctor, and finds herself on an unwanted road to recovering from being a small chested brainy coed with books on her mind.

Is Cassandra really where she thinks she is; just what are the medications they give her by IV doing to her? Or is all of this some sort of exhaustion dream her unconscious mind is creating?

Find out in the original tale from the Kreme that takes you beyond consciousness into the subconscious, beyond brainy into busty… the one tale that will leave you like Cassandra finds herself, Stuck in Bimbo Limbo.


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