Mar 13 2018

The joke’s on her

Yo' Mama by Kris P. Kreme

Yo’ Mama by Kris P. Kreme

Seth and Kyle don’t mind working at one of Alexis Beltrane’s charity events, not when she is wearing a seriously sexy red dress.

Unfortunately the milf mother of their one time friend Lance means putting up with Lance himself, the self-appointed king of Yo’ Mama jokes.

More than karma may be at play tonight when Lance strikes up a conversation with a bizarre little apparently foreign man about Yo’ Mama jokes. As the man tries to awkwardly create his own Yo’ Mama jokes towards Lance, Lance never suspects that his own mother is actually becoming or experiencing every twisted humiliation the jokes refer to.


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Seth and Kyle have been hired on as extra waiting staff at one of Alexis Beltrane’s famed charity events, the Beltrane Ball at a remote local country club, but they certainly aren’t having a ball.

Having grown up with Alexis’ son Lance, they both are dreading any contact with the guy tonight, even if they very much appreciate scoping out his ultra hot milf of a mother. The reason Lance drove away nearly any friend he ever had is as simple as his sense of humor. Lance has a ridiculously lame obsession with Yo’ Mama jokes.

For years he has annoyed nearly everyone he gets into a conversation with through constant random Yo’ Mama jokes that mostly just he finds funny, and at their most effective are merely insulting and crude.

Tonight is no exception as shortly after guests have just begun to arrive Lance is catching up to Seth and Kyle, laying on some horribly new Yo’ Mama jokes and making the whole event seem regrettable no matter what the pay for working as waiting staff the two boys might get.

Yet when Seth and Kyle get a fortunate break from Lance, his joking mood as always doesn’t quit and a rather oddly accented mysterious guest to the charity ball sparks up a conversation with him. The strange little man comments about such unusual humor not being mastered where he comes from, feeding into the arrogant spoiled rich ego Lance has always had growing up.

When this man introduces himself as Gullieval Tribn, Lance simply can’t resist one of his classically bad Yo’ Mama jokes about this man being named after a bad Scrabble hand his mama had one time.

Whether this guest from some far off land understands or not, he does gather that the humor comes from the insult, and is quite entertained, wanting to try a Yo’ Mama joke for himself.

Already bored at having to be present at another of his mother’s charity events, Lance never suspects that the moment this bizarre little man begins attempting Yo’ Mama jokes, his own ‘mama’ will be soon living every insulted word of them out.

Meanwhile Alexis Beltrane was always the sweetest and most dignified woman in town, generous and kind, loved by all, leered at by Seth and Kyle and just about any younger boy who admired her impressive body, particularly in the red dress she wore for this event. But Alexis was never anything but classy… until after those first insulting Yo’ Mama jokes are spoken by Gullieval Tribn in a conversation with Lance at the back of the ballroom where no one else can even hear them.

Something is removing all dignity and class from the gorgeous mother of the charity event; something is even making the impossible possible in truly twisted ways, ways which in the end may finally insult and humiliate Lance the same way he has always laughed about in his jokes towards others.

But just who is Gullieval Tribn, and was he even an invited guest to the Beltrane Ball, or did he crash the party from further away than anyone can imagine? Find out in the all new tale that is no joking matter, Yo’ Mama.


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