Mar 17 2018

Time can stop… and go

GOing with the STOPwatch by Kris P. Kreme

GOing with the STOPwatch by Kris P. Kreme

It might be impossible for Jessica to get her husband Davis to enjoy regular exercise together.

Yet it’s the impossible that happens for Davis, picking up a discontinued stopwatch at a store near his office and using it during their morning jog one day.

Instead of a timer starting, all time around Davis seems to stop and he finds that whatever bubble of silent reality he is in, he can move and pose his frozen jogging wife.

Giving into desires, Davis enjoys a whole new exercise each morning, but is the repeated use of this special stopwatch somehow stopping the sanity within him?

Discover a timeless way to make exercise more fun, by GOing with the STOPwatch.


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Davis learned early in his marriage to the gorgeous Jessica that there is always a healthy give and take in a fittingly healthy marriage. Unfortunately being fit is exactly the idea Jessica is expecting Davis to go with.

She’s constantly encouraging him to join her in her routines, advising as her track coach once advised her, that routines make meeting difficult goals easier, and nothing could describe Davis ever enjoying a morning jog better than difficult.

He supposes the only reason he’s been so willing to go along with his attractive young wife is her penchant for never wearing sports bras, her thoughts that the tightness is too restrictive on steady strong breathing. All Davis knows is that when Jessica is jogging in her revealing little red tank top, her impressive breasts can bounce so hypnotically that it could easily sway a lazy man into fitness.

The latest kick she has to try and shake Davis into actually enjoying the jogs with her each morning is something her old track coach mentioned, something that will require a basic stopwatch… but the stopwatch Davis finds in a discontinued bin at a local store near his office turns out to be anything but basic.

Instructing Davis to pick a moment each morning during their regular jog, through the neighborhood, through the park, and back again, Jessica explains that he simply needs to start the stopwatch at a familiar point each day, like a lamp post or fountain. He then should stop it at another chosen point, and each day keep progress of the time, slowly and steadily dropping that time.

But when Davis chooses to press the button on the bright yellow stopwatch he purchased, more that time will be dropping. The bright glowing red STOP says it all, and Davis comes to realize that somehow, through some bizarre function he never could have imagined, this stopwatch literally stops everything else in the world.

Whether it is time that stops or just everything but the one holding the stopwatch, Davis doesn’t really care as he discovers that anything stopped can be posed, moved, and in the case of his sexy sports bra free wife… enjoyed.

What begins as a little kinky thrill during the frozen endless moments of having pressed that stopwatch button soon becomes a routine Davis can definitely get behind, just as long as he keeps getting behind Jessica, doing more and more depraved little things with her frozen form.

However, is the stopwatch affecting him in ways Davis couldn’t possibly be aware of? Each repeated use of it has Davis thinking less and less of his lovely wife as a person, more as a mere sex doll he can pose and enjoy. Each repeated time after such use has Jessica less and less focused, more and more pleasured into less and less thought.

They say a lasting marriage requires both to occasionally stop and go with each other’s ideas, but Davis may have actually discovered the ultimate way to keep his own marriage truly timeless… by going with the stopwatch.


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