Mar 24 2018

It’s… Instant Gratification.

Instant Gratification by Kris P. Kreme

Instant Gratification by Kris P. Kreme

Katherine is a hardworking college student with a bright future ahead in journalism. She’s been working for months on a college thesis she titles Instant Gratification.

It’s about the deceiving unethical practices in modern advertising and media manipulation that many fall victim to.

When she is sent sample ads which supposedly show how a new digital filter can subconsciously and subliminally affect anyone watching any ad the filter is applied to, Katherine may get her biggest break yet… or she may end up broken.

Can a cute coed handle this new digital filter even in several minute long ads, or is someone using those ads to get a little Instant Gratification from Katherine herself?


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Even though Spring is in the air, birds chirping, the air warming, and many of her fellow college students spending more time outside enjoying it than inside with their studies, Katherine remains as dedicated as ever to her academic future.

She’s determined to one day be the most groundbreaking journalist ever, one that will expose media exploitation and report the news people truly need to hear about how deceiving and downright manipulative the media can really be. Katherine has been working for months over the cold winter on a story that might just shoot her straight to very heated success.

It’s on the way into her coed dorm that Katherine happens to run into Eric, tossing the ball around on the sunny warm quad with his buddy Wes. Eric may not even realize it but his father helped quite a bit with Katherine’s college thesis. The man had been in news broadcasting back in their home town for many years and when she’d decided upon her focus in journalism he’d been an excellent source for contacts on some of the latest underhanded practices.

Ignoring Eric’s friend Wes who clearly has a less evolved mind than his buddy, staring at Katherine’s pretty red hair, her nice figure, never considering the mind inside, Katherine heads inside, knowing that this is probably the day she has been waiting on most, working hardest for. The most groundbreaking evidence has been sent to her, and all she needs to do is look it over on her laptop and record her experiences with it.

Calling her thesis Instant Gratification, Katherine intends to expose how the media uses covert manipulation of viewers in everything from advertising to news broadcasts. It’s nothing new, a practice going back many years. Media, politicians, everyone had studied up on how flashy lights, certain tones of voice, music, anything is capable of affecting the response a viewer has to some form of media persuasion, but the latest reported development is nothing short of a crime against humanity.

As Katherine has discovered, there is an all new digital filter, planned to be released privately sometime in the next year for use in advertising and media manipulation. This digital filter apparently can be applied to any commercial, any broadcast, anything at all, and the filter subconsciously affects the viewer, enhancing their acceptance of what they see and hear dramatically.

It’s an unconscionable action and Katherine has just been sent some sample ads she can watch privately from her laptop both with and without the filter in place, to record firsthand her own experiences, add those notations into the final part of her sure to be groundbreaking college thesis, and become a modern day hero in doing so.

It’s all about Instant Gratification, she knows… media, politics, everyone wanting the instant fix, the instant results, and now thanks to this supposedly miracle digital filter, that instant gratification may soon be literally sold to any advertiser, to any company or world leader who has the funds, regardless of any ethics or integrity.

It’s in the privacy of her dorm room that Katherine gets her first look at the digital filter, watching through just a half dozen or so sample minute long ads, watching once as a regular viewer would, then applying the filter and watching the same ad again to record the differences she feels or experiences.

From ads about soft drinks to ads for vitamins, they may all seem typical at first, only as extreme and biased as one might expect from advertisers, but will the digital filter enhance those ads too much for Katherine to handle? Are there potential dangers the intrepid future journalist has not imagined? Could there be a motive behind her source sending her these ads that she never suspected?

It’s all about getting to the fun without having to work for it, and someone, maybe even someone Katherine knows, might be after a little Instant Gratification.


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