Feb 25 2018

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Pregnant Pauses Professional Problems by Kris P. Kreme

Pregnant Pauses Professional Problems by Kris P. Kreme

Casey played and won SINtendo Best of Breed 2: Pregnant Pauses. As a reward he chose the coed girlfriend of his older brother.

He didn’t choose the others he’d played with as pawns during the game who’ve since shown up to practically worship him.

After his mother runs off to find answers and never returns, after his brother wants nothing to do with him, Casey finds himself alone with very real problems.

How can he handle seven hot horny knocked up sluts on his own? Can he hope to cover basic bills which will come due long before the women who make up his little harem?

Find out in an all new SINtendo extension tale… where just because life is no game doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing.


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Over 16,000 words of Kreme!

SINtendo… the gaming company that has bordered on myth for many an aroused frustrated boy entering manhood It may have originated in another country as a seemingly knockoff imitation of another company making games for kids, but SINtendo has left more than a few expecting kids of their own.

This is a part of the predicament Casey found himself in after a series of events led to him finding a tossed out portable gaming device in a trash can. Having been kicked out of the house by his big brother so he could spend quality alone time with his hot as hell but bitchy girlfriend Veronica, Casey had a lot set to ensure his day was pure hell. In the form of that little handheld, SINtendo turned hell into heaven.. a game called Best of Breed 2: Pregnant Pauses, one that miraculously allowed him to select random women and play with their minds and bodies to seduce and betray their morals in the hopes of ending up fully knocked up.

Everyone from the hot redheaded jogger Becca to several virgin girls from a church charity carnival to Christine, the milf mother of his most hated high school enemy, became his pawns to play with… and all ended up doing nasty things in public with the same end results.

However SINtendo can often leave a player twisted in just where life will go from there, Casey discovering that after end game, all pawns belonged to the player… seven horny obedient knocked up girls and women showing up at his doorstep much to the horror of his own mother.

So now Casey finds his problems as serious as before, though where before he dealt with a cruel bullying older brother, now he has the hot horny girlfriend of that brother that he knocked up… and where he had a total lack of women flocking to his gaze now he can’t escape the other six who accompany Veronica into his home, his own little harem he never asked for but is solely responsible for their nine month journey they are eagerly entering into.

When his mother went off in search of a news story covering reported vile public sex acts taking place, the very story he assured her had to be because of the same gaming handheld he played… she never returned.

Now Casey is alone in a house, quickly overwhelmed by the women waiting ceaselessly to get in at him, and he has some serious problems to handle.

For an eighteen year old gamer slacker, this isn’t the way he expected to face adult problems… but will the very problem itself offer the ultimate solution? After all is it so bad to have hot horny, and sure pregnant, women all over him, dedicated to competing among themselves for his affections, desperate to do whatever whenever however he likes?

With his brother off stewing about losing the hot college cheerleader girlfriend, with his mother who knows where, doing who knows what… or who… Casey now will have to man up, in more ways than one. He will have to get a hold over his women and his problems, and thankfully his women are only too eager to fall in whatever line he thinks will lead straight to a solution to those problems.

Will Casey stumble upon a profession that can be run right out of his home, a profession that puts problems aside in the light of pleasure? Will he figure out some way to cover the obvious startup costs of such a professional venture? You’ll have to read and find out. The only definite facts are that too much of a good thing can quickly become bad… and life after SINtendo is definitely no game.


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