Mar 31 2018

Because you asked for it Readers… Bunny’s here for Easter!

Stuffing Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

Stuffing Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

After moving to a small country town, Bunny has been noticed. It isn’t everyday that a pretty young redhead moves to town, especially not a sweet quirky one that almost always carries around an old stuffed little bunny.

When her new circle of friends finds out the significance and clearly special bond Bunny has with her little friend, they decide to surprise her.

While Bunny attends an Easter evening church service, her friends are at her house repairing and stuffing the bunny. What they never imagine is just how close a bond Bunny shares with the little plush animal, and by the end of the night their new friend may be the one truly stuffed.


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When Bunny moved to the small country town, everyone noticed. But it wasn’t exactly just because she was a very pretty young redhead in her twenties. It wasn’t even anything she necessarily did that drew a bit of mystery to her. The reason friends and neighbors grew most curious was the little stuffed animal she always seemed to have with her wherever she went.

No matter if she were driving, shopping, or out for a stroll, it was uncommon to see Bunny without her rather poorly stuffed, worn and aged stuffed bunny at her side. The light green fuzzy exterior had seen better days, the small tears had resulted in loss of stuffing, and yet for whatever reason Bunny seemed quite attached to it, but almost with a sad nostalgia no one really understood.

But when Bunny’s new circle of friends all get drunk on wine one evening, one of them finally has the nerve to just come on out and ask Bunny about her little poorly stuffed friend.

As Bunny explains with the occasional oddly lingering glance at the stuffed floppy eared friend, she has had the little bunny since she was born, literally every day of her life. As she puts it, they share a very special connection, and both have seen better days.

While her friends Kelly, Jessie Lynn, and Polly can’t get much out of her, they learn that both Bunny and her little stuffed friend share the same name, and both have seen better days although none of the girls imagine their attractive new friend Bunny is anything close to being in bad shape. Yet Bunny is quite assured that she is happier now, new town, able to forget her more colorful past, a past she simply hints at doing things she wasn’t so proud of, thoughtless things.

It’s during the night of sipping wine with her friends that Bunny is encouraged about getting out there, maybe meeting one of the actually decent men in town, and as they point out the best time to do that just happens to be Sunday night at the local church on Main Street.

As they put it, only the decent guys show up for the evening Easter service, and it would give Bunny a good chance to at least see them. They even offer to come over to Bunny’s little rental home while she’s at the church service and watch over her stuffed animal friend, since as Bunny puts it, she’d hate for some man to assume she has some childish persona or anything the first time they see her.

So a plan is set, but what Bunny doesn’t know is that Kelly has concocted a special surprise for their new friend that may literally blow her mind.

As the three gather at Bunny’s house, they have brought along all the material needed to breathe new life into the stuffed little bunny. They know now how special the bunny is to Bunny and figure the slightly sad look she always has looking at it would be much improved once the tears have been stitched up with nice freshly packed stuffing inside.

Unfortunately despite good intentions, no one may realize just what a truly unique bond Bunny has with her little friend. At the exact moment that Kelly is shoving new stuffing up into the little plush animal, down the street at church Bunny is struck by a quite sudden shocking revelation.

She’s watching her belly plump out, witnessing what she assumed she never would witness again, knowing that her friends are clearly messing with her stuffed bunny, and knowing more that they are entirely unaware they are messing with her.

Just what is the unusual bond Bunny shares with her little stuffed friend? Will she make it through the church service with her decency intact? Or will this be one Easter service that leaves a sweet redhead named Bunny stuffed with a whole lot more than the spirit of the season?

Readers voted and asked for an all new character; introducing Bunny, who is sure to wish everyone a very Hoppy Easter.


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Watch for more of this silly Bunny coming soon!