Oct 16 2018

On HallowKreme the monsters are sexy

FrankenSLUT by Kris P. Kreme

FrankenSLUT by Kris P. Kreme

Even her boyfriend is a bit surprised by Vanessa insisting they and their friends head out to Carly Stein’s house for Halloween this year.

As the ever annoying but occasionally funny Daryl says, there are rumors why Carly Stein is a creepy weird girl, rumors that her family long ago shortened their name to Stein, that it originally was Frankenstein.

Five of them at Carly Stein’s huge remote home during an electrical storm, a simple power outage may just shock any innocent intentions out of their hostess and leave all of them in danger of becoming this new FrankenSLUT’s freakish monsters.


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Vanessa and her friends always spend Halloween together, but never has their time been more potentially creepy than when Vanessa insisted on the bunch of them accepting Carly Stein’s invitation out to her remote country home.

In their school, Carly Stein is the weird girl nobody really talks to much, the spacey strange student who just wants to make friends, and Vanessa is about the only one to stand up for what’s decent and accept invitations to a Halloween party out at the old Stein place.

Together with her boyfriend Steve, best friend Shelly and her boyfriend Burt, as well as the always clowning around fifth wheel Daryl, they are driving out to the most remote home in town. It’s during that drive that Daryl, in his classically unrefined and tasteless manner informs his friends of the rumors about Carly Stein, rumors which fully explain why her family is weird, why her home is weird, and why she’s the weirdest of all.

Reluctant to let Daryl badmouth a sweet girl like Carly, Vanessa and the others let Daryl tell his story, that the Stein family changed their name centuries ago when they moved from somewhere in Europe to the area. Apparently the name change was the only way people would accept them… since the original name was Frankenstein.

Laughing, never able to tell what is serious and not with a cutup like Daryl, the rest are more focused on the enormous private home when they arrive just as a storm is letting loose. But inside Carly Stein is merely thrilled to see her friends, the only friends she guesses, since they showed up just like Vanessa promised.

The quirky blonde has gone to all the trouble, trying to make the perfect party environment, with plenty of rather cheesy decorations, and lots of snacks in the kitchen. As Daryl keeps making subtle jokes, Vanessa is only getting more annoyed with him, but so far the party seems nice, a bit odd but nice, and Carly has obviously gone to a lot of effort for just some basic social fun with friends.

Of course, it’s right as a few of them are in the kitchen with Carly getting snacks, Burt and Shelly in front of the fireplace in another part of the isolated mansion, when the lightning outside surges and the power goes out.

Quickly assuring her new friends she’ll handle it, Carly Stein heads into the musty old basement, intending to find the electrical panel. Yet when she finds and then accidentally grabs the two broken halves of a wire which knocked the power out, Carly Stein will have an all new perverse life shocked into her as she never imagined.

Electricity coursing throughout her body, Carly Stein finds herself having all new thoughts, thoughts about what a cute little slut she is, thoughts no longer innocent and hopeful about her new friends… thoughts of what a simple touch from her charged up body can zap those friends into.

As the storm rages outside, and the lights return inside, Vanessa and her friends could never imagine that their friendly hostess has changed… and the scariest thing this Halloween might end up being the monsters she creates out of them one at a time.

HallowKreme takes a shocking stab at reinventing the modern tale of Frankenstein through Frankestein’s descendant, a friendly innocent girl who has all innocence jolted out of her, and gets right to work experimenting on her party guests. Join the party, and discover FrankenSLUT.


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