Feb 09 2019

Taking a dip in this pool leaves an impression

Overflowing the Gene Pool by Kris P. Kreme

Overflowing the Gene Pool by Kris P. Kreme

Fate left Dave a loser who missed out on any breaks in life. Yet this college loner gets the break he never expected when a tiny meteor hits him on the head during an evening jog.

Waking up, shocked to be alive, he only finds a slimy remnant of anything hitting him, a tingling as he walks back to campus.

When a hot girl stops to offer him a ride, offering even more right in front of her boyfriend, Dave knows something in him changed and once he’s in her, that change is clear.

With the ability to have any girl he sees, able to cum more than humanly possible, Dave has everything a man could dream of. But who gave him such a dream and will that dream become a nightmare?


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Over 10,000 Words of Kreme!

It has to be a universal truth that there are bullies and those who are bullied everywhere growing up, the ones who shoot the spitballs and the ones spit upon. For a rather awkward yet innocent college guy, Dave, the world has spit on his dreams so much he’s given up on them at this point.

At the age of twenty, Dave should be into adulthood but that certainly hasn’t meant an end to the humiliation, particularly when it comes to girls. Like any guy, especially any college guy, Dave just wants a girl, any girl, to pay him some attention. But he especially has a thing for Monica, one of the three seniors on the college swim team, a beautiful brunette with a less than beautiful attitude.

Always trying to work out, to keep himself in shape, Dave was only trying to use the campus indoor pool at a time no other students would be using it. The winter was cold but that indoor pool was heated and offered such a good workout and swim. Yet how could he know that Coach Katherine and the three elite senior swimmers, Monica, Lacy, and Caroline, used the pool in mornings and evening for practice? He’d swung the door out from the men’s changing room, smiling, ready to get a good swim in, and everything went horribly.

From the door hitting Coach Katherine in the ass and knocking the attractive swim coach into the pool to the girls all three rolling their eyes as their coach unleashed hell upon him for being there. His pool privileges were obviously no more and the humiliation in front of the one girl he had eyes for definitely ruined any hope he had for being more than a lanky loser in anyone’s eyes.

And so every evening Dave would spend his time alone, jogging to keep both warm and in shape, running along quiet wooded roads off campus. But on one particular night something very unexpected happened, a light in the sky, a shooting star, a downright freakish curve on that little meteor that somehow led to a mind numbing crack of heat across the back of his head before blacking out.

Only Dave could be such an unlucky loser in life to be jogging and get hit by a piece of space debris… but when Dave wakes up later in the night, he has a lot more than just a seriously sore, slightly slimy back of his head. Whatever was in that little chunk of space rock left him tingling all over and a bit more than confused by how others treat him… mostly hot girls.

When a hot campus girl driving home her falling down drunk burly boyfriend stops and beckons him over, asking if he needs a ride, Dave thinks it strange enough, since girls looking as hot as Samantha usually see right through him. But when she keeps sniffing the air around him, letting little moans escape, Dave begins to suspect that maybe he has been fatally struck dead by that meteor, otherwise what would possibly explain a girl actually coming onto him… and in front of her nearly passed out boyfriend more than twice his size?

Yet Samantha is doing a whole lot more than just coming onto the lanky loner of a boy she just met in the middle of the night, as her actions soon prove, as her moans and clear addiction to the smell Dave’s giving off show. And he’s certainly alive, since a hot girl like Samantha is far too good to be a dream.

Spit on by life, spit on by girls, and now spit on by space, Dave may have just gotten the gift every man wanted since the beginning of time, the instant attraction and desire by every hot woman around. But when he finally gets the sex he always fantasized about, those girls get a whole lot more than any woman could expect, a literal flooding flow, an impossible amount of thick creamy white which only seems to build with each climax Dave has.

After exhausting and quite figure ruining sex with Samantha, Dave wakes the next day a new man, or at least a motivated man. He has the ability to get back at Coach Katherine and all three of the seniors on the college swim team, to get Monica as he always wanted her… and to quite literally leave them swimming in semen.

Something happened to him, something struck more than new thoughts into his head, but abilities beyond even the most imaginative fertility researcher’s wildest wet dreams. And Dave is going to get a lot more than revenge for being humiliated and missing out with hot coeds.

Only just what is it that gave him this freakish attraction and inhuman ability? What was it that struck him in the back of the head while jogging? And is there a danger he never could imagine when all he’s thinking about is Overflowing the Gene Pool quite literally?


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