Feb 16 2019

Some dares leave an impression

The New Bitches of Theta Nu by Kris P. Kreme

The New Bitches of Theta Nu by Kris P. Kreme

Beth is determined to solve a mystery, to break the story behind Theta Nu sorority. Pledging along with fellow freshmen best friends, Melanie and Willa, Beth gets more than she bargained for as a night of mysterious hazing has the girls howling by dawn.

Belinda is Queen Mother Bitch of Theta Nu, and sadly hazing isn’t as fun as it used to be, but for Beth and the girls to join their ‘pack’ as she calls them, all will have to spend one night in nearby Lupine National Forest.

Mysteries about the forest are as strange as ones about Theta Nu, but all will collide in unexpected ways as Beth and her friends learn what it’s like to be The New Bitches of Theta Nu.


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Over 9,000 Words of Kreme!

There’s a mystery on and off campus for Beth and her friends Melanie and Willa, and on the night they intend to solve one mystery, both may collide with quite animal aggression, changing everything they ever knew or desired.

Theta Nu is a sorority with a secret, and freshman Beth just knows that secret is a story she wants to break. Inquisitive and smart, the young redhead is determined to figure out why Theta Nu girls are always so distant, so intense, and so quiet about what goes on beyond their closed doors.

Pledging the sorority seems the best way to delve deeper into the mysteries and Beth isn’t going in alone. Perky blonde Melanie, and their Latina friend Willa are joining as well, though with much less enthusiasm for all the silliness of joining a sorority.

Where Willa thinks the Theta Nu’s are just campus queens and bitches, Melanie mostly thinks the guys they party with are cute, but Beth is determined that there is a lot more going on than anyone realizes, something strange… sinister even.

And so it is that Beth, Melanie, and Willa find themselves being hazed, but as queen of the Theta Nu’s explains in a dark dismal torch lit basement beneath Theta Nu house, hazing just isn’t as fun as it used to be before the universities all started cracking down.

For the three girls to join the alpha bitches of campus as Belinda puts it, they will have to do one simple thing… something that might not be near as simple and definitely not painless before the night is over.

Instructed to take one bottle of water each, one Theta Nu shirt that they can’t wear until returning the following morning, and one map, Beth and her friends are to go to a specific spot off campus in nearby Lupine National Forest.

Once there, they simply will stay in that spot for the night, returning in the morning. Nothing else will be taken, and the three are told to leave the house at once, immediately heading into the forest, but could a hazing ritual really be as simple as this seems?

Mysteries about Lupine National Forest go back many years before even the university existed, and as Theta Nu is the oldest house on campus, there seems a connection Beth never anticipated in her curiosity about just what makes a Theta Nu girl so strange.

Along with her two best friends, she’ll do more than just solve the mystery and may in fact become yet another part of the mystery as their hazing gets underway.

Just what is it that makes Belinda and all the Theta Nu girls such aggressive bitches? Just why does Belinda call herself the leader of the pack and what is with the bizarre dull look in the horny frat guys she frequently has on leashes at the reported wild parties that sorority has?

Supposedly Theta Nu girls keep to themselves, yet their parties are quite storied, reports of downright animal behavior, bitches in heat, kinky orgies of the most degrading perverse stuff imaginable. Equally unproven are the rumors about Lupine National Forest which mostly surrounds the college campus.

Beth has read about ancient natives claiming spirit animals can merge with one within the darkness of the forest, heard reports about strange howling that has been reported, the howl of wolves when no wolves should even exist within the state. There were even sightings, every now and then, someone hearing the howls, catching sight of actual wolves running off in the direction of campus, but by day there has never been a single sighting.

Just what is going on inside the doors of Theta Nu sorority? Is it nature or nurture that created the bitches those sorority girls have become? And what does it all have to do with a mysterious ancient forest off campus?

Find out in the Kustom Tale from the Kreme that will truly transform how you see sorority girls, and reveal what true bitches are really like.


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