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Hailee's Hairy Situation by Kris P. Kreme

Hailee’s Hairy Situation by Kris P. Kreme

Hailee used to be Ike’s best friend, but that was before the once ugly duckling tomboy morphed into the most gorgeous perfect girl in school.

The only thing she takes more pride in than her grades is her looks, the flawless red hair, her curvy supple body that no boy can touch because Hailee is just that frustratingly perfect.

As a slacker, Ike could not be more annoyed, but after his dad gets on his case comparing the slacker son to that perfect neighbor girl across the street, Ike has had it.

Buying some very dangerous Russian hair treatments called Hair-E, he plots to trick Hailee into a truly hairy situation… one she’ll never be the same after.


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There was a time growing up when Ike and Hailee were best friends, when they had a lot more in common besides merely living across the street from each other. It was a time when in a fictional movie world, they’d be best friends, then boyfriend girlfriend, and then happily ever after as the years went by. Unfortunately life was not a movie, and Hailee became everything Ike both lusted for and hated.

Where Hailee went from scrawny tomboy to curvy bombshell with massive tits and the most gorgeous length of red hair any red blooded straight male had ever laid eyes on, Ike just slacked his way through high school, and it was now, in their senior year, when they were both technically adults of eighteen, that Ike finally had decided it was time for a little revenge to shift the balance of power in what relationship remained.

Living at the end of a dead end street, a path leading to the high school nearby, about the only time Ike and Hailee spend together is on their daily walks to and from school. During that time they regularly pass the old gnarled tree which stabs like a knife of once happy memories into Ike’s mind.

The remains of the swing they once built together as kids still hangs from that old tree but as Hailee always points out, that was a long time ago… they were kids. As though there’s not still fun the two could have together, Ike thinks.

The truth is that Hailee is far too perfect, even for her own good. She’s so perfect in fact that not only is she beautiful but she’s the perfect student, getting such epic high grades that Ike’s dad is on his case for him to shape up and stop slacking. Either Ike’s grades skyrocket or Hailee’s grades take a downward spiral, but one way or the other, his dad is tired of seeing the neighbor girl put his son to shame.

Even Ike knows that his dad is well aware of how hot Hailee is, the man disgruntled and bothered ever since his wife and Ike’s mom ran off a few years back leaving them alone. Teachers, strangers, his own dad, everyone has a twinkle in the eye for Hailee, long flowing red hair, perky and yet huge tits, trim little figure, and angel of an attitude.

She’d become too perfect over the years, and maybe it would have always been easier for Ike to handle if she’d actually upon growing those big boobs turned as slutty as most men fantasized about her being.

It’s after the frustration of his father on his case, Hailee barely aware they are still friends, and everything piling on in the universe to remind Ike that he really is nothing, that the most devious clever idea occurs to him.

Like a comic book villain, Ike has images in his head of revenge on Hailee, of transforming her into a teen beauty as she is, but with ruined, used, abused tits. He’d like nothing more than to take what every guy lusts over and truly enjoy those babies in freakish ways, to leave her rather dull and dumb from all the intense fun he could have. But is there actually a way to get exactly the revenge he wants?

There might just be, as he puts his usual slacking aside and loads up an online article he’d read about not too long ago, a news article that popped up when he was searching out hairy pussies. It’s just one of the many kinks he has, though obviously a girl like Hailee is likely shaved bare. Still, the article that inadvertently popped up in his searches may be just what offers the perfect revenge, the true way of showing his dad and dropping a lot more than just Hailee’s grades.

It was a chemical formula called Hair-E which apparently got the name from the vitamins infused into the liquid spray form. Apparently, at least according to the article, the chemical came from a less than reputable company out of Russia, and never went through any safety testing elsewhere due to severe side effects discovered in cases connected to the underground and often underage modeling industry in Russia.

Desiring perfect flawless hair, a number of those Russian girls had taken Hair-E, and they’d upped the usual dosage using the spray applicator, tripling the amount of times they sprayed it onto their scalp.

Hair-E had worked flawlessly in one respect, growing thicker, gorgeous hair, but that wasn’t all that happened. The overdoses of the Hair-E spray had additionally grown thick flowing hair elsewhere.. beautiful manes of pussy hair like Ike had never seen when searching online, downright freakish beauty, nothing like the tangled jungle he may have expected.

And if that wasn’t enough, too much of the Hair-E also leeched into the model’s brains through their skull and caused all sorts of behavioral and personality changes. What began as a bizarre pride in their lengthy lower manes of hair continued with cases of certain Hair-E overdosed models becoming obsessed with stretching their tits, tying heavy weights to them, pulling on them, truly ruining their perky perfection forever with dulled thoughts and overstimulated libidos.

From what the article claimed the same chemical that affected and enhanced the hair also left skin with something of an elasticity anomaly, meaning the pictures online Ike had found showed some seriously freaky situations of hot girls with two perfect heads of flawless hair and sometimes ruined noodle tits that for whatever reason really turned him on.

They only turned him on more imagining Hailee in such a situation… and so he has his plan for revenge, finding an online store still selling the banned Hair-E treatments. Getting free overnight international shipping is just the cherry on top of Ike’s evil plan to make this week go much better than most of his years in high school have gone.

After getting the Hair-E in the mail, Ike puts his devious mind to use and creates fake labels to replace the ones on the little spray applicator bottles, even creates fake instructions saying that the spray should be directly applied to the scalp no less than seven sprays per day, more than double what those Russian models took. He then quickly leaves the box at Hailee’s home for her to get with all the other beauty treatments she regularly has waiting for her.

As far as Hailee is concerned it’s just a new free trial of a hair enhancement product, but little could she ever suspect that before the week is over, this enhancement product is going to leave her in quite the hairy situation

Just how extreme will the change in attitude Hailee has be? Will she discover an all new perfection to be obsessed over, the perfection of stretching and ruining her tits while at the same time taking pride in her flawless newly grown in locks of hair between her legs? Will Ike end up getting his happily ever after with Hailee after all?

Find out in the all new Kustom that takes all new extremes in just how kinky a Kustom Kreme can be.


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