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The Grab Bag #34 - Pinking the Punk & Nine Month Abs by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #34 – Pinking the Punk & Nine Month Abs by Kris P. Kreme

Get those resolutions going, and make some major improvements this year readers. You could study hard like Amber, making her poor boyfriend so horny he buys Bimbo Pills. Or you could exercise yourself right into the perfect figure… for about nine months or so like Gabrielle. So many changes, so much of the year left to unfold, so Grab a couple of ideas on how best to begin!

This Grab Bag includes:

Pinking the Punk:: Until recently Amber was the kinkiest punk girl Mathew knew. She took things to arousing extremes, but college has stressed her into repression and Mathew wants a bit of the old Amber. Slipping her some bimbo pills he bought, he ignores claims of true transformation assuming they might just get Amber hot for some kinky fun again. Surprisingly the claims are true… but has he slipped her too many?

Nine Month Abs:: Gaby is about to be heading off to college and is counting on maintaining a cheerleading scholarship, Gaby finds a new video exercise program to tone and tighten her abs like never before. Promising a unique experience combining an advanced camera system while the video plays with special self hypnosis, Gaby hopes this will be nothing like those cheap eight or nine minute ab programs.


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