There’s something in the wind

Population Inflation by Kris P. Kreme

Population Inflation by Kris P. Kreme

There are perfectly sized towns, not too big, not too small, and the town of Seeder’s Grove is one of them.

Perched between the mountains, surrounded by natural beauty, it has no shortage of naturally beautiful girls and women either. Yet none of them could have seen a day like this ‘cumming’.

After getting accidentally doused and saturated with rejected fertility treatment chemicals on the outskirts of town, a wandering stranger named Brady will become a modern monster of a man.

There will be no nubile flesh that can resist his potent scent, his brooding breeding desires, and before long the town of Seeder’s Grove will be experiencing a literal Population Inflation.


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Over 20,000 Words of Kreme!

It’s just another beautiful day, early spring in Seeder’s Grove. As the sun rises over the surrounding mountains, casting a warm glow down into the small but not too small mountain town, life is waking to what should be an ordinary Saturday.

Only something sinister is about to wash over the citizens of Seeder’s Grove, something downright monstrous and crazed which will forever change the size of this perfectly proportioned population.

Seeder’s Grove has everything anyone could want, the rich natural beauty of the rising mountains all around seeming to protect those who call it home. Yet there will be a distinct lack of protection happening when a wandering stranger named Brady heads into town.

While downtown shops and a classic movie theater draw in the weekend crowds, further out from the center of Seeder’s Grove sprawling neighborhood homes and a very popular church for mountain weddings springs up. A small but excellent high school is offering Saturday School classes to help the students catch up and excel. It’s the serene picture of postcard middle America, happy people enjoying daily life.

And no one would be at all surprised that a traveling loner who has hiked the country as a modern day hobo since his family passed on happens upon Seeder’s Grove. It’s a wonderful place to live and even better to visit for many tourists when the weather has just begun warming into spring.

Even Brady is stopping to enjoy the fresh air, breathe in the natural beauty, unaware that something most unnatural is about to fill more than his nostrils.

What everyone in the town of Seeder’s Grove easily forgets about is the main source of income to the longtime citizens of the town, a modern research facility located further out from the town cut into the side of the wooded mountains.

The Seeder’s Grove Research Center employs hundreds of locals but most of their most secret work is done by privately contracted scientists not from the local population. They work on many things, from advances in basic cleaning chemicals to modern health applications, and today as the sun rises over Seeder’s Grove, one of their latest projects is about to create a modern day monster.

Finishing up an all night shift, two scientists, Beckett and Darnell have just concluded that yet another batch of the fertility treatment they have been trying to perfect is just too damned powerful. Studying it in a microscope, having tested multiple batches in recent weeks, Beckett assures his partner Darnell that they clearly aren’t heading in the right direction with the changes.

As Darnell puts it, the treatment would have unimaginable side effects on any man given it. Beckett agrees and has to laugh at the last dozen or so rejected batches of the treatment they have studied. As he puts it, they would probably turn a man into little more than a brute with sex on the brain, that is if they didn’t give him fatal heart complications.

They have been trying to help guys out, come up with a safe natural blend of organic chemicals that if ingested would forever help men in all things fertility and desire related, no need for pills ever again. Yet neither scientist thinks the higher ups use common sense when it comes to the work done at this small research facility.

Neither man could possibly know that Seeder’s Grove Research Center has more troubles brewing than they or anyone in town could ever suspect. As they flush the latest batch of deadly strong fertility treatment chemicals down the waste disposal pipes, heading off to finally get some much needed sleep, they could never imagine that the waste pipes have been building up a clog over the past weeks.

Dozens and dozens of batches of powerful potent, downright deadly fertility treatment chemicals have been swimming and bubbling around in a pipe which was rusted and decayed from all the natural lime in the mountains surrounding Seeder’s Grove.

And now, on this ordinary morning just as an always friendly loner named Brady stops along the side of the mountainous roads for a break in his travels, the hazardous waste reservoirs will finally reach capacity and the added weight of this last potent blend will prove too much to hold in.

Brady was always a strong handsome guy, nothing like the typical hobo stereotype. The truth was he just wanted to travel the country, see places he never would after the last of his family passed away. And Seeder’s Grove certainly seems a great place to see, he thinks, stepping safely off the side of the mountain road into town, perching himself up atop some nearby rocks, paying no attention to the large drainage pipe emerging from the side of the mountain above him.

The heavy sudden flood of potent smelling chemicals showering him moments later forever ends the kind gentle man Brady once was as he feels tougher, talks gruffer, and feels downright enraged with energy and desires he never felt before. Stalking off down the mountain road, none of the population in Seeder’s Grove could imagine the creamy chaos about to unfold in town today.

Best friend coeds Amber and Adrienne are getting ready for a movie double date later that evening, Adrienne annoyed as always at being talked into going along on the blind date just so Amber can finally make out with her boyfriend Casey.

High school senior Jody is waiting for her teacher Miss Melina to pick her up so she can assist with the more remedial students at Saturday School.

Church secretary Callie and the pastor’s wife Gwen are expecting an ordinary lovely day at the church.

Downtown shop workers Rebecca and Faith are busily stocking and working the store they always work at on the weekends, no excitement expected in a town like Seeder’s Grove.

And yet all of these locals and many many more are about to get the most excitement their bodies can handle, and possibly even more that they can’t.

There’s a modern monster stalking his way across town, a man named Brady who is aggressively seeking to do what no man ever did, but all men might have secretly fantasized about. His scent is so potent it can directly affect others, his stamina and energy so strong he can cum nearly nonstop, and his seed so rich and fertile he will truly prove to be the most powerful seeder in Seeder’s Grove… giving this middle America town a much fatter middle and one hell of a Population Inflation.


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