Jun 30 2019

There’s a Grab Bag for the summer

The Grab Bag #38 - A Hot Mess & Grope Therapy by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #38 – A Hot Mess & Grope Therapy by Kris P. Kreme

The heat of summer has arrived, but nothing can prepare a struggling dad for the Hot Mess he’s about to have at home. And from one S.M.U.Ty tale of dealing with teenage rebellion to another, therapy can always help you get a handle on things… especially when what you’re getting a handle on is so enjoyably soft. So whether your sweltering summer leaves you a hot mess or you just need a little Grope Therapy, this month’s Grab Bag has you covered.

This Grab Bag includes:

A Hot Mess – When Henry’s adopted daughters disobey and have wild parties while he is away, leaving a mess he has to deal with, the non-confrontational man is at a loss what to do. The solution comes when he orders a unique device from an electronics hobbyist magazine. The subliminal modification user telefiltration device supposedly can have his daughters internalize their obsession with parties and messes.

Grope Therapy – Max Colby, school principal, has had to call Melanie in for bad behavior. Unfortunately Melanie is also his stepdaughter, meaning he has to share a home with her and the last thing he wants is to bring the stress home. Thanks to a mysteriously successful therapy session with Doctor Linus, Max has little to worry about and Melanie will be giving an all new positive twist to being a bad girl.


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