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Changing More than Lanes by Kris P. Kreme

Changing More than Lanes by Kris P. Kreme

When Bob and Bill are bored, the old buddies are quite well known for their crude ways of passing time. Usually it involves making up stories based purely off casual observations, those observations always of attractive women.

But when Bob’s old van has a problem and can’t drive over forty, the buddies find themselves with a slow drive on back roads and through town for much of the day.

Taking turns telling tales of the random people they see, the old perverts could never imagine that something is making their stories come true today, no matter how increasingly impossible those stories are.

It’s a day like no other, when Bob and Bill are Changing More than Lanes.


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Over 24,000 Words of Kreme!

Bob and Bill are pushing fifty, but that doesn’t mean the two lifetime buddies have given up on the idle fantasies of hot young chicks. In fact these two might just have been made for each other as almost no one else tends to put up with their frequently over the top imaginative comments about hot girls and women.

But on the morning when the air is crisp and cool, an autumn morning like any other, everyone else may ended up making more than those imaginative perverse comments come true.

Prone to telling crude stories, made up imagined scenarios involving women they check out, Bob and Bill are constantly seeking to outdo each other. Unsurprisingly it’s a specific taste to put up with them, so they have each other. They’ve always been content, happy with themselves, loving the crude creativity to their tales. So when Bob and Bill are faced with an all day slow drive ahead of them, something called a converter malfunctioning on the clunker of an old bright teal van Bob owns, they are quick to pass the time by scoping out others throughout the small town along the way.

Yet even their imagination could never fathom that something very mysterious and sinister is taking place today, something… some unknown force is causing the very stories they make up to become truth.

Passing by the local community field, they spot some cheerleaders working on routines with their sexy female coach, the coach’s husband watching from the stands. Ogling the girls, Bill comments on what sluts they are, only there to please the coach. Laughing at the out of shape husband to the sexy cheer coach, they imagine a scenario where he’s only with her because he has such an impressive manhood that no woman can resist it. Yet how could they know after driving off through town, the coach and her girls are giving into urges they never had before, becoming the stereotypes they never were, and all to the immediate benefit of that out of shape husband in the stands.

Further on down the road, chuckling and having a good time, Bob and Bill are stopped at a light, happening to notice the poor nerd that runs the local comic book shop. This time Bob makes up a story about why that nerd always looks so tired, because he just gets exhausted after sexually satisfying all the hotties who dress in cosplay costumes and come in to try and flirt their way to discounts on the comics. As Bob imagines, that nerd may not be much to look at but he has a downright supernatural presence in his pants. One look and the girls can’t help but drool themselves stupid to get used by him.

Driving off, they notice the college girls dressed as a popular comic series School of the Damned students, never grasping that their crude tales of supernatural seduction and the descent into bimbos will come true for those girls.

Further through town, the old clunker of a van carries Bob and Bill past a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new mall, their old college buddy Horace the horse managing and cutting the ribbon to let all the eager teen girls in to shop. Yet in their creatively crude passing the time, Bill makes up the origin of where Horace the horse got his name… a sordid rumor where long story short he carried a literal horse dick between his legs.

As Bill puts it, that was why Horace the horse always had girls lined up outside the locker room when he played college sports. The girls he claims aren’t as eager to shop the mall as they are to get some time alone with Horace, the man always up for a good breed’n with some cute young fillies, like any lucky stud would be.

Needless to say as Horace heads into his office in the mall after the ceremony ends, things are changing for both Horace and a group of nubile older teens who may have come there to shop but soon will be otherwise engaged quite enjoyably for much of the afternoon.

After the mall it’s a bit of a boring drive, the old mechanic shop far outside of town off a rural road. Yet that doesn’t stop the fun as eventually the boys pull up beside a college bus with a big banner on the side reading State Academic Champions of Quiz Bowl 2019 on it. The bus only carries six students, two of them guys which doesn’t interest Bob and Bill in the least.

However those four brainy girls bring up all sorts of fun and freaky imaginings, and Bob has fully woken his devious mind to come up with quite the doozy. As they check out the girls, they notice how they’re looking to the driver, a rather typical man in his forties. Bob makes up a funny story about how that driver is like every bus driver, secretly a dangerous pervert.

Imagining the driver to be a man with a freakish ability that left him a loner all his life, Bob says the secret is in his cum. Like certain animals that inject venom to paralyze their prey, this driver has a seed that does the same, transforming any girl he is with from the inside out into a quite impressive looking fake sex doll. He’s just waiting for the right opportunity to lose those two guys and take the four cuties and literally leave them blank and mindless, plotting to then sell their doll bodies to the highest bidder.

Laughing at the sheer lengths of their sordid stories, Bob and Bill drive off another direction never seeing that the driver of that bus purposely swerves off the side of the road, pretending something ran out in front. He’s quick to send the two boys walking back in the direction they came for help while he “takes care of” the girls.

At a remote fast food restaurant, Bob and Bill spot two couples getting ready to head inside. Yet what Bill imagines is that the guys are plotting to supersize more than just their meals, that restaurant a place run by certain girls who offer very special meals that can truly alter a person depending on what they order.

With their imagination fully unleashed, a day of boredom behind the wheel has certainly led Bob and Bill to only the very depths of their depravity and enjoyment. Chuckling at the stories, they will only see one last sight worth making a story about and that’s the quite attractive women of a family heading into the woods on a hike.

Bob makes up a story about the man of the family, an ordinary looking man, but really a beast eager to transform. Where werewolves need the moon to change, that man needs only the sap of certain trees, and when he changes he’ll probably be quite turned on.

But how could either of the crude buddies know that such an impossible seeming tale might come true once they’ve continued on their way?

Bob and Bill are just a pair of ordinary slobs, two buddies known for their perverse imagination, never knowing that on the day the converter malfunctioned in Bob’s old van… somehow their fantasies are getting impossibly converted into a reality they’ll never see.


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    • B on November 22, 2019 at 12:04 pm

    Really enjoyed to read this story. I hope we see the guys back again with their van at some point. And especially loved the doll transformation, hope we see more of that too in the future 🙂 Keep up all the good writing.

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