It’s not just a rock

Party Like a Rock Star by Kris P. Kreme

Party Like a Rock Star by Kris P. Kreme

Stan and Hoshi are chilling at his apartment one day, Hoshi watching TV, saying she’d love to be a famous actress one day. Little do they know she’s about to get her big debut after noticing the rock he found on a recent hike in the woods.

Running her fingers over the moss on that strange rock, a blinding flash of light introduces the couple to Eugenie, a hulking black man who claims to be half genie on his mother’s side.

To thank the one that freed him, Eugenie offers Hoshi a wish, but when she wishes to be a famous star, everything goes wrong. Hoshi appears on TV performing opposite Eugenie… in porn.

Will all the kinky scenes they appear in lead to a happy ending Stan never expected?


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College student Stan figures he has about the most perfect life he could ask for, more than a guy could wish for, that’s for sure. Only Stan is about to discover that wishes can be a fickle thing, and his girlfriend Hoshi might pay the price and get everything she ever wanted… even if nowhere close to the way she wanted them.

Chilling in his apartment one day, watching a spy thriller, Hoshi comments how she’d love to be a famous actress one day, and even if Hoshi is hot in Stan’s eyes, he knows she probably isn’t the most flawless girl on campus, the bustiest, the perfect girl. She’s just the perfect girl for him… so of course he agrees.

However as Hoshi is pretending to act out a bit of the scene in the movie they watch, she notices something on Stan’s table that she hadn’t seen before. To Stan it’s certainly nothing as fascinating as Hoshi finds it, just a rock he found while hiking the weekend before. Having thought it neat enough to keep and put on his coffee table, he wasn’t all that curious about the little bits of moss growing in the nicely rounded shape of it. But Hoshi definitely is.

It’s when the television goes to complete static and Hoshi feels the warmth building up in the rock she holds that their day is about to take a turn for the twisted, in many more ways than they could ever imagine.

The rock suddenly seemed to explode into pieces, a blinding flash of light, and when their vision clears again, Stan and Hoshi definitely aren’t alone in his apartment.

A hulking muscular looking black man stands there, though as Stan blinks and looks closer he realizes the man is really more every color imaginable all at once, wearing little to cover his massive body as he stood there before them.

Commenting how good it feels to be out of his prison, the man asks for who touched the rock and Hoshi squeaks out that it was her. The man claims to have been imprisoned for eons, his name Eugenie and he says he is one half genie on his mother’s side. But whoever this Eugenie or whatever he really is, Stan notices almost right away that the man is kinda a jerk to him, dismissing most of what he says, only paying attention to the one who technically freed him, Hoshi.

Charming as ever to Hoshi, Stan doesn’t like how the conversation is going, especially when Eugenie mentions that in the many languages he knows, he remembers the name Hoshi means star. So he offers his star savior one wish, the most he can being only half genie on his mother’s side. But something about this recently freed prisoner of time bothers Stan, and when Hoshi quickly wishes to be a famous star, he knows it is going to go horribly wrong.

However unlike Stan expected, given her poorly spoken wish, his girlfriend isn’t turned into an actual star or anything like that. But as both Hoshi and Eugenie vanish from sight in a blinding flash of light, Stan finds himself with more to watch on television than he ever counted on, and what he watches may just have repercussions for how Stan’s once considered perfect life turns out.

On television Hoshi is confused, in what seems a classroom with a familiar man in a suit claiming to be Professor Eugenie. She wished to be a famous star but Hoshi never wished what kind of star, and as the professor character Eugenie is playing starts to lecture poor student Hoshi, her tied off schoolgirl blouse tightens as Stan can only watch his girlfriend literally become the naughty porn girl in this scene.

But it’s only the first of many scenes, scenes throughout every genre of adult fantasy, from naughty nurse to sexy cop to flight attendant who handles a lot more than baggage, Stan has to witness the ever evolving granted wish as Eugenie gets what any man out of prison would certainly want, a nubile coed more and more eager to become what she never wished for, a famous actress in only the dirtiest porn out there.

But just how will Stan respond to helplessly seeing porn after porn starring his once sweet innocent girlfriend? How will he react when the two stars of that porn reappear on his own couch, Hoshi forever changed by her simple wish? Will Stan get his revenge on Eugenie, or will everything really change when Stan’s roommate returns home with his own girlfriend?

College isn’t all about partying, but sometimes you can’t help but Party like a Rock Star, especially when the star comes from a rock like this one.


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