Mar 31 2020

Selfies spring up again

Selfies From Kastle Kreme #44 - Bimbo Bombed Besties & Ritualized by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies From Kastle Kreme #44 – Bimbo Bombed Besties & Ritualized by Kris P. Kreme

Maybe March Madness was cancelled this year but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of true Madness to go around. Best friends Wila and Mona get Bimbo Bombed while out. If they don’t have a public fight, things may truly go crazy in public for the both of them. And a little thrill around Halloween is fine, but Amber is a whole lot finer after an attempt to spook her possesses her with more than fear. There’s plenty to be scared of, but not these Selfies… unless you happen to be in them.


This Selfies Includes:


Bimbo Bombed Besties: Best friends, Wila and Mona, never suspected that their friendly flirting and teasing may have pushed someone too far, but as they stand on a crowded city street looking at Mona’s phone, they will discover that revenge is best served scalding hot. They are informed that they have been Bimbo Bombed and must choose to either turn on each other in a violent lusty fight or suffer the consequences.

Ritualized: It’s always common during the month of October for people to sneak into the old church, tell tales beneath the massive columns of bizarre rituals once performed there. None are true, just ways to scare chills into girls, then find more enjoyable ways to warm those chills away. But just because the stories are never true, that doesn’t mean the place isn’t writing its own.


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