May 25 2020

Grab two classic Kreme Tales

The Grab Bag #46 - In Sanity & Still Narrated

The Grab Bag #46 – In Sanity & Still Narrated

You don’t have to be six feet away to Grab these two twisted tales. In the first, if you thought going to the store had become crazy… you haven’t seen anything yet. Witness the truth behind alien visits, their true motivation of insane reality altering pranks. Then witness an entity known only as the Narrator return as he again narrates a poor girl named Anya into a life she never would have chosen for herself.

This Grab Bag Includes:

In Sanity: When a powerful godlike being from an alternate reality pops into ours as they have done many times throughout history, he’s only here for a laugh. Fascinated by human women, his laughs will make true mockeries of the many he encounters, as well as sometimes leaving the men grunting animal like shells of their former selves. An everyday average trip to the grocery store was never so crazy as this.

Still Narrated: Several years back a young Asian girl awoke to find a voice inside her head, a voice that only she could hear, directing her to do very bad things. Witness the return of a creature called the Narrator, a supernatural demon that feeds off directing the innocent into very bad behavior.


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