May 16 2020

She’s in Bliss

Wedded Bliss by Kris P. Kreme

Wedded Bliss by Kris P. Kreme

Sarah Devlin has always been willful, confident, and adventurous. Unlike many girls, she has tackled the world on her own, and enjoyed everything from extreme sports to financial independence.

Her wedding day will change all of that… and she might be unable to resist the changes, or explain them.

The day before the wedding, maid of honor Debra is distressed because the church puts a stop to throwing rice. Finding an alternative that’s better for the environment, the romantic girl discovers Wedded Bliss, a pink confetti to toss.

But what is the truth behind the innocuous looking paper pieces? How is Wedded Bliss changing everyone at the wedding who touched or is touched by it?


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Over 10,000 Words of Kreme!

The day before her wedding, Sarah Devlin is jumping off a cliff. Of course, for a wild and carefree spirit like Sarah, this is nothing new. She’s never let how the world sees a beautiful small girl like her change the willingness she has to tackle anything, especially extreme sports and dangerous hobbies like climbing and descending only the most extreme heights. But little does Sarah know that something will change on her wedding day, and it will change more than just her free spirit dominant attitude.

Called into the church by her best friend and maid of honor, Debra, Sarah isn’t all that worried. There hasn’t been much in life that worried Sarah. Of course when you fear nothing, a wedding is just another day, and fortunately for Sarah she found the perfect partner in Sam. While Sam isn’t exactly what a lot of girls might like, fairly submissive, definitely not the stand up take charge kind of man Sarah’s father would rather her find, he’s perfect to balance the adventurous and willful Sarah.

It’s at the church, with her meek and romantic maid of honor and longtime best friend Debra, as well as her strong and traditional father James, that Sarah is told of the last minute problem presented by the church.

It seems that due to environmental concerns as well as safety of all involved, the church can’t allow rice to be thrown after the wedding. So Debra, in her obsessive efforts to make this the most perfect romantic magical day ever has found a possible alternative and needs Sarah’s approval.

Amused that she was called in from her last fun day in the mountains alone to tackle the serious problem of rice, Sarah has no problem with the alternative, a biodegradable pink wedding confetti called Wedded Bliss. According to the place Debra found it, Wedded Bliss is specially made to ensure a lasting relationship of mutual attraction and lifetime bliss, hence the name.

As far as Sarah’s concerned there are more important frustrations about the wedding than what to throw after it, like the simple fact her father still thinks she could have done much better than Sam, saying Sam needs a bit more back bone, always having thought she needed someone who could provide for her and help her succeed more. Of course her friend Debra has always barely hid a fascination and crush on Sarah’s father, seeing him as so much more the gentleman than boys their age.

Yet all concerns aside, the wedding goes off without a hitch, and it isn’t until after the ceremony on the way to the limo that anything seems in the least concerning. As she and Sam run underneath the raining pink of that Wedded Bliss confetti, tossed by their friends and family, Sarah feels what she can only later describe as a splash of awareness.

The moment it touched the bare skin of her arms, her head, how it grazed by her cheeks, Sarah simply felt aware. Even Sam seemed more alert, more aware, as though the preparation and wedding had been a bit of a blur and things just suddenly became crystal clear. Even the ones touching the Wedded Bliss to toss it seemed to show distinct reactions, sudden awareness. As Debra reached in the basket and grabbed some to toss, the brunette’s eyes seemed to swim, her shoulders slumped, and as James Devlin reached in to grab some, he clenched his fists, biting his lower lip, an age defying energy coming from nowhere.

While Sarah never could fully explain what she felt sure she noticed, both in herself and others, it would be the coming days and weeks after her marriage that forever convinced her something in that Wedded Bliss not only had changed her that day, but was still forever changing her and anyone else who touched it or was touched by it.

If Sarah ever had a nightmare about married life it would have been that her independent spirit, her confident carefree attitude would be somehow crushed by a paternalistic partner, a man who saw women and his wife as beneath him. And it was almost immediately in the days of their honeymoon that Sarah saw Sam behaving more dominant, more demanding, each and every day seeming to make him expect a bit more of her.

Sam had always worshiped Sarah and treated her with nothing but respect and understanding that she would always wear the pants in their relationship, but something has made him start to think differently, and Sarah knows it, even as she is finding herself slowly starting to like going along with his kinky sexual demands, his on the spot whenever the mood strikes him kind of desires.

Visiting her friend Sarah isn’t solving the mystery though, not when Debra suddenly is talking about how assertive dominant men are every girl’s dream. The once romantic shy girl is suddenly seeming downright turned on by the thought of being dragged to a bedroom, being essentially used by men. And is it strange that the bowl of potpourri near Debra’s door has been replaced with a bowl of Wedded Bliss?

Something is happening and Sarah is determined to figure it out, while also resisting what seems to be making her more and more compliant with every increasingly chauvinist demand Sam is making of her.

Heading back to work after a week long honeymoon at home, Sarah is every bit and more shocked to find her married and fiercely dominant business partner Rebecca practically bragging about a fling she has been having with Sam’s cousin Pete from the wedding. Like Sarah and Sam, they too were last seen nearby tossing the Wedded Bliss at the happy couple, and like everyone who touched it, Rebecca has clearly been changed as well.

Everything in Sarah’s newly married life is spiraling out of control, beyond logic and reason, and despite knowing that getting married would bring with it changes, Sarah never expected the cliff she fell off saying ‘I do’ to truly twist everything she believed and wanted out of that marriage.

Will she be able to resist becoming the kind of submissive woman Sam, and every man from the wedding, including her father, suddenly believe she should become? Will her maid of honor Debra finally do very dishonorable things with a certain older man she’s always admired? Will Sam finally bond with Sarah’s dad in being the dominant assertive and downright brutish man needed to give their women the lasting gift of… Wedded Bliss?


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