It’s a battle with SINtendo

SINtendo Battle of the Sexes by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Battle of the Sexes by Kris P. Kreme

Gaming buddies Callum and Lonnie will find themselves closer than they ever imagined after Lonnie’s latest game choice takes things to a whole new level.

Battle of the Sexes is supposedly an intensely real, high quality graphics battle to survive in a jungle setting. But one player must be the muscular action movie looking soldier and the other must be the busty impossibly sexy female soldier. It’s not a problem for Lonnie as he always preferred gaming as a female character.

Unfortunately in this combat game, surviving the on screen attacks of various weapons might forever change who he is… and if SHE can handle what she ultimately becomes.


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Lonnie and his best buddy Callum have been gaming for years every chance they got. Two perpetually single guys, they’d only gotten more competitive as the years went by, finding that nothing beat the stress of a work week like a weekend of mindlessly gaming in one digital battlefield or another.

But the game Lonnie found among the Arcade Uploads of a popular gaming site might just take competition to a new level and give new meaning to their friendship. Called Battle of the Sexes, the game was ported and uploaded to the site where Lonnie and Callum have found many fun games to waste several hours on in the past.

As Lonnie describes it’s a war game, similar to a capture the flag deal, where each of them will be dropped in a random location of jungle settings, left with no weapons, seeking both hidden weapon caches and the other player. The first to the weapons gets the advantage whatever those kinds of weapons provide, and the goal is to defeat the other player more times in an hour with those weapons. It’s a head to head competition but the gimmick of the game is quite simple.

Battle of the Sexes requires one player to choose a male game character to play as, the other must choose a female. And of course Callum isn’t surprised to hear that Lonnie will choose the chick. As Lonnie puts it, who would you rather be staring at while playing… some dude or a hot chick, because gaming characters are always hot babes?

With plenty of jabs about playing like a girl, Callum is fine with Lonnie’s choice of the exceedingly busty female soldier in camo with her red hair and sunglasses. He’ll play as the brutishly muscular 80s action hero looking soldier and as he puts it have less distractions to focus on actually winning the game.

Chatting as they each get dropped into the remote fiercely realistic looking jungle environment, Lonnie is hunting for both weapons and Callum, same as Callum is hunting for weapons and Lonnie. But when Callum gets the early advantage, a flame-thrower, sneaking up behind Lonnie’s female game character and using it… guy gamer Lonnie will get more than burned by both his choice of games and characters to play.

As the video game girl on screen screams and loses a life, Callum winning first points, Lonnie feels the same intense heat, as though his entire body were on fire, and every single hair on his arms, or pretty much anywhere but his head, is seemingly burned away to nothing but pale blemish free flesh.

Naturally Callum doesn’t believe a word of it, figuring Lonnie’s just making excuses, trying to blame anything for his clear mistake in giving Callum the element of surprise. But when Callum next finds a heavy bat to use as a weapon and again surprises Lonnie, cracking that bat right at the sexy female soldier’s curvy ass, Lonnie is screaming in real pain.

Callum figures his buddy is really taking this game far too seriously, cracking the bat again and again into the female soldier’s gut, knocking the wind out of her as Player Defeated appears once again. Yet Lonnie is feeling a lot more than the wind leave him, each crack reshaping his body, the shots to the gut inverting his belly, causing his chest to soften and bulge out.

Lonnie has discovered the secret of Battle of the Sexes… that any damage done to their chosen character by the other player slowly turns them INTO that character for real. Can he possibly regain the upper hand, despite feeling what he physically feels, despite the horror of seeing himself slowly become an impossibly busty hot chick at the hands of his gaming buddy Callum?

And what will Callum do once he gets a taste of what losing in this game can do, once his own body starts becoming swollen with brutish muscles just like his game character? Will they both only get more intense with their gaming, and who will win?

Only one thing is for sure, this is a Battle of the Sexes where one sex goes in, and two very different ones come out… only to cum and cum and cum again. SINtendo September puts all new perspective on the words Playing like a Girl and Lonnie might just find himself Lana before the game is over.


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    • zeddsgurl on September 18, 2020 at 12:21 am

    Is this the first gender transformation story you’ve done, or is there a way to find others?

    1. It’s the first one I’ve done, there have been requests by readers. There are some other ideas I’m thinking about.

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