Sep 27 2020

SINtendo’s reality is different than your own

SINtendo SLUTfarm by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SLUTfarm by Kris P. Kreme

Alternate World Tales are brand new from the Kreme, and each pair of tales will explore what happens when the same two characters make very different choices with very different motivations.

In this second part of this month’s SINtendo tales, Alec always wanted his brainy smart librarian girlfriend Addison to become stupid. He just thought it such a hot fantasy to see her dumbed down, mooing like a cow, a docile little slut to enjoy.

Alec has always been the good respectful guy, and he still wants Addison… just a simpler sluttier version. Thanks to a SINtendo game called SLUTfarm he might just finally get that fantasy.

But will the game turn out like he wanted?


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The gaming world has never seen anything like SINtendo, and now for SINtendo September you get to witness all new Alternate World Tales which take gaming to fun new possible places. For instance, take this month’s tale. Alec and Addison are a young happy couple, living together in an apartment. While Addison works as a librarian, Alec is a standup guy who genuinely respects her.

If that seems like the perfect relationship, think again, because in this second Alternate World Tale, the the charming Alex hides a darker kinky desire he fully knows his family and friends probably would think less of him for having. Addison is great, one of the smartest women he knows, and sexy as hell. But Alec has secretly discovered he always wanted to dominate her… but more than that, to literally make her stupid.

Something about taking a sexy librarian like Addison and using her as property, just enjoying her body again and again, no need for sappy romance, pure sex, really appeals to Alec. So today, on an otherwise ordinary day, Alec has a surprise for Addison after work.

It’s a game called SINtendo SLUTfarm, but of course Alec can’t very well tell her that. She’s far too smart to sit down and compete in such a debasing game. Telling her it’s simply called Farm, he describes it as a simulation game where she plays a new hand on a farm and he plays the farmer, a head to head competition she never suspects will ultimately be messing with her brainy head.

In truth the premise of SLUTfarm is simple, one player is the farmer, the other is livestock, and if the farmer directs little farm animals into the livestock player, part of those animals is infused with them forever… so with any luck Addison will be little more than his dumb docile horny cow by tonight.

But as the happy couple gets to gaming, will it ultimately play out the way Alec hoped? Will he truly get to hear Addison moo like the stupid slut he always wanted her to be… or could her moos end up being for more than just him?


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