Feb 09 2021

The Kaos is back

KO'd by Chaos by Kris P. Kreme

KO’d by Chaos by Kris P. Kreme

Bella has always been a fiercely independent woman, training women how to box, little to no interest in relationships, with a lot more respect to women than men.

While she’s not strictly a lesbian, she may as well be, and perhaps the only friend who has ever understood and supported her unique tough girl attitude is Kent.

Yet on a day when Bella could use a good friend like Kent, forces may be at work forever rearranging the way they see each other.

S.M.U.T. returns with an attack on the very memories and personalities of everyone within a mall, and Bella might not have enough fight to resist becoming what she never wanted to be.


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Bella has always been a fiercely independent woman, and every bit as fierce in the loyalty she shows her friends, especially her best friend Kent. But on a day when she just needs to vent some frustrations from the gym she trains women how to box at, neither Bella nor Kent may have a shot at winning the fight they aren’t prepared for.

Kent has never let anything bother him, as easygoing as a guy can be, which has always balanced perfectly to the intensity and firecracker frustration redheaded Bella can frequently feel. Having dealt with and kicked out, literally, a pervert in the gym where she works, Bella is simply wanting to rant and unload which is why she called Kent.

He can always be counted on to lend a supportive ear, to smile and disarm the frustration, to lighten the mood with a joke or two. But her decision to not drive around all day and go to the mall or someplace where they can just walk around and talk, might be the worst decision on the worst day ever.

Unknown and unnoticed by Bella, Kent, or any of the small midday crowd of shoppers throughout the mall, an organized terror group known only as S.M.U.T. happens to be performing an operation at this mall.

Long time senior member of the chaotic group, Rat is training a brand new member, Mongoose, on his first ever operation with S.M.U.T. This operation is to connect glass cylinders with special chemical concoctions to the heating and ventilation system within the mall. As Rat explains, once released into specific air circulation points throughout the mall, anyone breathing in the special blend of chemicals will undergo a mostly mental change, one that fitting to all of S.M.U.T.s operations results in a particular kind of chaos.

Meanwhile Bella is finally getting over the anger and rage she had toward the pervert at work, enjoying a walk around the mall. But when the ventilation kicks in, circulating the heat throughout the mall, they both begin noticing things which somehow aren’t quite normal.

What begins with Kent noticing and pointing out that all the kids have for some reason left the mall, quickly escalates as they start noticing how openly affectionate other shoppers are, people leaving stores arm in arm, and often touching each other more than a bit inappropriately for such a public place.

As Bella and Kent keep walking though, each of their thoughts start getting affected as well, their memories, their emotions, and Kent starts finding himself more and more checking out his completely platonic and nearly lesbian friend Bella.

Little does Bella suspect just how ogling Kent’s eyes soon are, following her around the mall, checking out her ass, thinking about his relationship with her, slowly and steadily remembering very different things about that relationship.

What Bella does notice is the more openly aggressive and downright perverted men in the mall, the way those men are being dominant and sexual with the women they are with, some definitely seeming as though they are one impulse shy of being a sexual predator. But nothing sways Bella from a good venting walk around the mall, some good physical exertion just what she needed after the incident at work.

And Kent just keeps on leering more and more, even his comments getting a bit more dominant, more forceful, his eyes glued to the far too baggy and unrevealing clothing his sexy fit redheaded best friend has on.

But when Kent starts commenting on fond memories that Bella knows full well never happened, she begins to realize something is up, something besides clearly every man’s arousal in the mall.

Will Bella fight the changes already happening within her? Will she prove every bit as fierce in the fight to hold onto who she is? Or is this one fight Bella is destined to lose by knock out?

The chaos of S.M.U.T. can strike anytime and anyplace, but when a knockout of a girl finds herself the last one holding out against the changes S.M.U.T. can cause, she might just find herself in for a fight she can’t win… even if losing is every bit as rewarding.


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