That’s an odd Trance-tory stream

Trance-tory Testing by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Testing by Kris P. Kreme

For years Curtis has worked from home doing product testing for a company called Trance-tory. He’s kept the details of many of their products secret from his sexy fit wife Helen, but thanks to the pandemic those secrets and more may be fully exposed.

Since the pandemic began, his always exercising wife Helen took her instructional exercise classes online, and he knows and appreciates that most of her fast growing audience is male. She even plays up the sexy to keep those men entertained while viewing her streams.

But when an innocent mistake bonds something called a Trance-tory Quantum Purse with Helen’s fit body, a stream on proper stretching will get most improper in no time.


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To say that the pandemic has changed how many go about their work would be stretching it… but perhaps no couple around has managed quite so well thanks to stretching as Curtis and his sexy fit wife Helen. Of course there are elements to Curtis’ work that Helen has never been exposed to… and after an innocent mistake one day she might find herself more exposed than ever before.

Curtis has always considered himself the luckiest guy around for marrying a sexy and quite willingly kinky little confident wife like Helen. She’s not only the hottest and bustiest redhead around but during the pandemic her already dedicated exercising classes went online. And to say that her mostly male audience watching her regular exercise streams is all in on making her chosen profession truly boom would be an understatement.

In their marriage, Curtis already had a career for years now that allowed him to work from home as a product tester. Helen had to adapt though during the pandemic, going online with various streams focused on all sorts of exercise. And Curtis is well aware that she dresses sexy, shows just enough skin, and plays up the demonstrations in her streams to keep her audience only growing, in probably more ways than one.

But there is something Helen never has known about Curtis’ job, most specifically the company he exclusively product tests for. Trance-tory has been around for many years, and while they have put their name on common household items and even other industries used by everyone, they have a specialty adult product line like no other, with technology far advanced from any most common companies know or understand.

For years now, Curtis has made it a strict policy only to test things that won’t cause Helen any unintended consequences. He’s only tested the more sexually explicit products in private, and yet volunteered to test more products for women that are purely safe and innocent, the side benefit to those tests being that Helen gets a product before it ever goes to market.

Everything from makeup mirrors which have unknowingly increased her self-confidence, to hairbrushes that have left her beautiful long red hair silky smooth and soft, to skin creams that make touching any part of her exceptionally pleasurable to Curtis, she has benefited from Trance-tory without ever knowing it.

Today though, when Curtis intends to product test a new women’s purse, something unintended will entirely change everything.

Helen has dressed in her sexy teasing best to go and do a live stream on stretching. Meanwhile, Curtis is going to be product testing something called the Quantum Purse. Reportedly it was developed using a bio-engineered subatomic molecular substance that bonds with the user, allowing for limitless storage of items far greater in size than the meer size of the purse itself.

Skeptical on how something like this could work, Curtis never imagines the literal bond it forms with the user, and even worse he isn’t the first the purse bonds with as unknown to him Helen opened the purse and happened to touch the brass bonding button, a mere static shock all it took for the Quantum Purse to be permanently bonded with her in ways she will soon understand.

Helen’s stretching stream is getting off to a good start at one end of their home, while at the other downstairs in his private basement office, Curtis pulls out a box of old sporting equipment and junk to test the real capacity of this seemingly small little purse.

But when Curtis slips something into the purse, to him it almost seems to vanish… but he could never imagine where it is actually going, the purse having bonded with Helen, her fit tight body offering limitless storage space as everything from folded large shirts to basketballs and heavy weights are literally shoved inside her, and all through only the most intimate of openings.

Will Curtis realize he’s quite literally stuffing his sexy wife before it’s too late? Will those watching Helen’s popular exercise stream get way more than they ever hoped for? Will Helen bring new meaning to the term stretching?

And just what will happen when Curtis gets the rare call from Trance-tory Corporate Headquarters with explicit instructions to take this testing to a whole new level after monitoring his sexy wife’s exercise stream online?

There’s all sorts of ways for a couple to work from home during the pandemic… but perhaps none of those ways truly stretches the limits of a marriage quite like Trance-tory Testing.


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