Mar 02 2021

The Residence is getting twisted

Residential Evils: Sister Twister by Kris P. Kreme

Residential Evils: Sister Twister by Kris P. Kreme

Evil resided at 696 Wiccan Way for a very long time before Simon and Maddie moved in. But in the attempts to scare them off, an evil spirit ultimately found a better place to call home, Maddie’s sexy little and soon quite enhanced body.

Now Simon gets all the sex he can handle, and Spirit Maddie takes over now and then to whore herself out to random guests in ways no other whore can handle.

But trouble arises when Maddie’s older sister Lucy, along with her husband Kody, stop by for a visit. How will Simon and Maddie explain what has happened to her body, and how will the evil ultimately deal with the sister that threatens her happy home?


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They say everyone takes time to adjust to living in a new home, but for Simon and Maddie, that adjustment came with quite the thrills and chills, as many frights as delights, and now just a month or so into living at 696 Wiccan Way, the happy couple might just be happiest for a most evil reason, one only Simon truly understands.

The home came with a lot of old problems, but perhaps the least expected was an evil spirit well over one hundred years old, the spirit of both a madam and lady of the evening, who wished only to scare this young couple off from calling her home theirs. But after some of her possessing attempts at scares revealed both that she had a carnal longing for warm flesh and Simon had a definite kink for seeing what his possessed wife’s body was capable of, an agreement was reached. Simon and Maddie could stay, and Maddie’s body would serve as the new curvy home for this nameless evil spirit.

And so Spirit Maddie was born, the spirit taking over whenever Maddie sleeps, or perhaps even daydreams, and during those takeovers, continuing the work she so emphatically revelled in one hundred and sixty-nine years ago. Simon and Maddie’s old home has earned an underground reputation, the whorehouse where anything is possible. If someone wants to screw Maddie to death, that’s possible, if a number of men want to literally milk Maddie like a cow and twist her body into impossible positions, Spirit Maddie makes that possible. Her evil powers of possession can defy all physical limitations of once innocent sweet Maddie, and have only left her bustier and more curvy a sexy bombshell than she ever was before.

But the honeymoon in this home might be coming to an end when Maddie gets a text from her older sister, Lucy. Simon has rarely gotten along with Lucy, since she’s always been incessantly overbearing, overprotective of her little sister, and in general a total frigid bitch of a woman. The truth is that Simon has only really tolerated Lucy, while actually liking her husband Kody, a guy who definitely deserved better.

It seems Lucy and Kody are stopping by the next day for a visit, and while his sweet wholesome wife Maddie might be excited to see her big sister, Simon already knows that a true evil is about to descend upon this modern whorehouse. Lucy has no idea about the transformation her once much less curvy little sister has undergone, and there’s no way she isn’t going to freak out once she sees it. Maddie was easy enough to convince it was a medical anomaly, just something that happened and can be managed, the only side effects being the frequent naps during which Spirit Maddie does most of her local whoring. Lucy however, won’t be so easily convinced.

Can the happy couple host family guests without all hell breaking loose? Or will the obvious interest Kody shows in Maddie’s new body inspire a friendly wager between Spirit Maddie and Simon that ultimately ends up leading to a similar body and mind altering fate for the frigid Lucy?

Evil and madness begin the month of March with a truly twisted tale of torturous temptation and possession at everyone’s favorite underground neighborhood whorehouse, where the frights often slide sensually right alongside the delights.


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