Mar 07 2021

It’s more than hot on Mercury

Mind Melting Mating Monsters of Mercury by Kris P. Kreme

Mind Melting Mating Monsters of Mercury by Kris P. Kreme

Elizabeth just wanted time away from her husband and toddler, but she had no idea that freeing her mind of the pressures of being a young mother would quite possibly mean losing it entirely.

Her somewhat slutty friend Danielle picks her up, picks up their two friends, Nicky and Ursula, and it’s supposed to be a fun night out… but not out of this world.

Abducted by tentacle monsters from Mercury, these four friends will be experimented upon and transformed, but will they turn on each other… or just turn on… each other?

The Kreme universe of temptation and terror expands with the most extreme creatures yet, the Mind Melting Mating Monsters of Mercury.


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The Kreme Kosmos Returns!

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Most humans never know just how much life there is in our very own solar system, but one form of life is so vile in depravity and so universally feared by all others that they never so much as speak its name. More corrupting than the Sex Slugs of Saturn, more cruel and twisted than the Propagators of Pluto, and more transformational in their experiments than the Nymphos of Neptune, these interplanetary beings are no less than monsters… the Mind Melting Mating Monsters of Mercury.

On their home planet, everything is melting, including them, and so these creatures hold whatever appearance they choose, but most frequently they will seem just a mass of interconnected tentacles, but unlike most other lifeforms who reached such a sentient state as to travel in space, these monsters hold hardly the least bit of respect for other lifeforms.

Their actions are as disconnected from respect as actions can be, and should they encounter you, it pure amusement which drives their cruel ambition to forever ruin what you called life, to transform you in ways no human mind can imagine, and even worse, to leave you behind to truly bring madness upon whoever discovers what you have become.

Elizabeth is a young mother who just wanted some time away from her husband and toddler, a girls night out with her closest friends… but on this particular night, none of them will ever suspect just how far out their girls night is about to become.

Picked up after sunset by her best friend Danielle, the two of them couldn’t be more different. Elizabeth the sweet quiet and generally reserved type, and Danielle the still party hard single girl who goes through more men in a month than Elizabeth has ever been with are opposites in ways. But if anyone could plan a fun girls night out, it’s Danielle.

Stopping to pick up Nicky, their happily married lesbian friend, and Ursula, their youngest and newest friend, it’s to be a night away from stresses, at least stresses besides Danielle and Nicky possibly teasing the young Ursula, a fresh from college graduate, about how simultaneously hot and super shy she is. Even Elizabeth can admit that Ursula sometimes asks for the comments, since she dressed up a lot more, a small little black dress, than the other women did for their girls night out.

But any plans for laughing and teasing each other over drinks or anything else earthly go out the windows when the entire car leaves the road. It’s not an accident that has happened on this wooded rural road in the dead of night… it’s a quite purposeful side trip into madness, courtesy of the Monsters of Mercury. Time stands still in the moments of this abduction, and upon waking after seemingly losing consciousness, the four friends will have to face a terror that might come from their own minds… once those minds are experimentally altered by their captors.

When the monsters make themselves known though in this prison of curved modern metal walls, there’s no doubt that the mass of melting and moving tentacles mean these girls something much worse than just harm. They mean to amuse themselves with transformations no one could ever imagine, and at first some changes most men could only fantasize about.

Tentacles locking lips with each of the captive friends, their bodies are enhanced, curves added in ways they’ve never seen before, but just why have the monsters done this to them… and what is coming next?

Unfortunately for the friends, Danielle isn’t right in her hope that these are peaceful generous aliens… here to gift them with smoking hot bodies and send them on their way. The true night of madness is only beginning and before it is done, one friend may be a truly mindless artificial shell of her former self, abused and used by those that used to be her friends. Another may be manipulated and used as a puppet, eager to defile both herself and others for the amusement of their captors, and still another may become little more than a dumbed down container, ready to head back to earth and collect some human sperm for further experiments.

But the worst might be the one friend who used to brag about how many men she could be with; what will happen when she becomes one herself with an absolute madness to mate put in her mind?

They wanted a girls night out and they got taken out by the monsters, treated to temptations they never knew, given gifts they never wanted, but in the end… will those they left behind suffer the worst fate of all? Only the creatures of one unspoken of race know the answer, only the Mind Melting Mating Monsters of Mercury!


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