There’s a SINtendo for every kind of game

The Game of Can't by Kris P. Kreme

The Game of Can’t by Kris P. Kreme

When Kayla discovers an old board game with a DVD element and handheld microphone while shopping at a warehouse consignment store with her younger sister Maggie, she never knows the true dangers of playing it.

Known as The Game of Can’t, the gameplay is as simple as it is strange. Each player uses the microphone to state something one or all other players can’t do, awarded points as they go.

But on a double date night, Maggie’s latest guy of the week might be more than a crude loser, he may be just the winner this game needs as he takes advantage after discovering the game was created by SINtendo, a company far more known for their mind and body altering video games.


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Kayla has always been the responsible older sister to Maggie’s more carefree style of living, especially when it comes to relationships. And it’s relationships they are talking about as Kayla wanders the old warehouse consignment shop, not much more than a junk store to Maggie. But relationships can take on new meaning when Kayla finds an old board game neither of them realize was designed and produced by a company called SINtendo.

As soon as Kayla sees the old board game, complete with a DVD element to it, she knows it’s just what she was looking for to entertain them on double date night later that evening. It’s called The Game of Can’t, and while the quirkiness of it appeals to Kayla and even her boyfriend Brent who’s going to be popping the question any day now, Maggie couldn’t be less interested. And at first neither could her latest slacker boyfriend Cody.

Cody, like many of Maggie’s exes is pretty much a crude slob, more interested in innuendos and trying to get in his girlfriend’s pants than actually dating or playing games with her sister and the goofy romantic she’s seeing. But as the game goes on, Cody’s unique perverse perspective gives him a hint that there’s more to The Game of Can’t than just cheesy old entertainment.

Playing The Game of Can’t means each player has a piece on the board, and passes around an old wireless microphone. They speak into the microphone to one or all of the other players, telling them something they can’t do. The DVD merely keeps track of their scores and awards what seems a random number of points each turn. But over time Cody notices that everyone really can’t seem to do what they have been told they can’t do… and after Maggie angrily says her sister can’t be more of a bitch and Kayla stops talking and starts barking… Cody realizes the power of this game, checking and confirming that somehow it was made by the most notorious gaming company on the planet.

But what will Cody do with the newfound power, with the microphone in hand, and the ability to tell any of them what they can’t do? Will Kayla and Maggie finally agree on one boy, even though they never saw eye to eye and even though Kayla practically has a fiancée already? Will Brent swell up with more than just jealousy as Cody starts making more than just suggestive comments to his girlfriend?

During SINtendo September there’s some things you just can’t miss out on… and one of them is The Game of Can’t.


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