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Haunted Holes by Kris P. Kreme

Haunted Holes by Kris P. Kreme

Joyriding with no destination in mind, friends Sawyer, Hunter, and Mackenzie may find themselves at a destination that should not exist… one that will forever change their lives.

On a wooded back road where nothing should be but a creepy old cemetery, the three friends discover a brightly lit and completely abandoned mini-golf course.

But when they grab some clubs and balls and decide to play through the various holes, they may be playing right into the ghostly hands of a force that only seeks to corrupt more than just their souls.


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Longtime friends Hunter, Sawyer, and Mackenzie haven’t hung out in years, especially not since Hunter and Sawyer started college, Mackenzie joining them next year. The pandemic hasn’t helped bring them any closer, but a night of just driving around in Sawyer’s convertible feeling the crisp chill in the October air on a joyride to nowhere is exactly what they all needed.

But is this really a joyride to nowhere, or could something otherworldly and truly haunting be steering them towards a destination they never knew existed?

Mackenzie is very used to dealing with her almost adoptive big brothers as Hunter and Sawyer like to think of themselves, their crude senses of humor, the way they give her a hard time, but the one thing she’ll never get used to is dangerous driving, so when Sawyer stops to check out some strange lights in the trees up ahead, she’s more than happy to take the break from bracing for her life.

As it turns out, on a road they absolutely knew had no such thing before, there is an elaborate mini-golf course, lit by multi-colored spotlights, clean and ready to play, even if no one seems to be around.

All any of the three who’ve lived in the area all their lives remember is that there used to be a creepy remote cemetery somewhere around all these woods, but now, seemingly overnight, a mini-golf course has been built.

Since the three were already out joyriding, no solid plans, and since golf clubs and balls are already set out like they were waiting for them, Hunter, Sawyer, and Mackenzie decide to play some mini-golf, even placing little bets on who will do the best.

While Mackenzie is confident that as the smartest of them she can clearly handle the physics and angles required to win this game and get them to stop calling her sis to get a rise out of her all the time.

But when Mackenzie first strikes her little pink golf ball, the angle seems all wrong, the ball ricocheting and hitting her right in the head. As dazed as she is, she just knows something is off… and something may be very off about everything, not just the golf balls.

Will these three realize the ghostly trap they have walked right into before it’s too late? Will Mackenzie knock herself stupid with ricocheting golf balls? And what about the clubs… if the golf balls are possessed by otherworldly influences, could the clubs be too?

It’s all fun and games this Halloween with the Kreme, until you find yourself playing through some Haunted Holes.


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