No screen is safe at HallowKreme

The Bimbo Ring by Kris P. Kreme

The Bimbo Ring by Kris P. Kreme

Gordon, or Gordy as he is mockingly called by his so-called friends has always been the loner nerd who never gets laid.

But could that finally change when Gordon is told about a mysterious website that when visited at midnight on the nights leading up to Halloween displays a certain video? Supposedly after this video plays, a message appears on the screen, and exactly seven days later a hot busty bimbo crawls right out of that screen to screw him like he always wanted to be screwed.

Of course life has always found ways of screwing Gordy over… will that trend continue even when he discovers something called The Bimbo Ring?


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Gordon has always been a nerd, and even his supposed friends Wes and Jackson are constantly giving the kid a hard time, making fun of him, calling him Gordy because that’s what his mom calls him. But could this Halloween end up changing his complete lack of success with women after Wes and Jackson tell him about a certain website?

Web chatting with his friends, Gordon is riled up enough from being constantly called Gordy. It isn’t helping to hear that his friend Wes is planning on scoring with some hot college chicks at a party his older sister is throwing, or that Jackson is gonna get lucky with Candy Calloway, a notoriously slutty girl in school. Gordon is told something he already is well aware of, that he never takes chances, never does anything to try and finally lose his V card with a hot chick.

But maybe that will finally change when he is told by his friends about a supposedly notorious website. Supposedly if someone visits this website at midnight in the days leading up to Halloween, a video plays, and after that video a message appears on their screen telling them “You’re getting fucked in seven days” and exactly seven days later a hot busty bimbo crawls right out of the computer screen to do just that.

Gordon knows his friends are messing with him, but they stick to the story, claiming a porn actress died during some extreme sex and apparently haunts her own porn site, this notorious video the result.

When Wes and Jackson tell Gordon they’ll stop giving him a hard time if he tries it out, Gordon realizes it’s time to stop being Gordy the loser and actually take some chances… even if the odds are it’s all a complete load of junk.

Yet that night when Gordon goes to the site he was given, a video does play at midnight, a twisted surreal and sexual video that stops exactly thirteen minutes past midnight. To Gordon’s complete surprise he actually does get a message on his ancient computer monitor… one that says exactly what they claimed it would say.

As freaky as it all seems, Gordon is nothing but thrilled… finally knowing without a doubt he is going to get laid. Each and every day a new message appears at the same time, telling him one less day to wait… but could Gordon’s work at home dad somehow spoil all his plans when he needs to borrow Gordon’s computer monitor? Is there really such a thing as The Bimbo Ring, or is this yet another joke life has played on a loser named Gordy?

Find out in the Halloween with the Kreme tale that shows some videos are scary and others are scary hot, but nothing is as scary as getting all worked up only to miss out on the best sex ever!


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