Things get tense around HallowKreme

Trance-torture by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-torture by Kris P. Kreme

Katie and Shane are partnered up to test Trance-tory products isolated at a warehouse all month, but is this job going to be more torture than Katie can handle?

Deciding to test multiple Trance-tory products at the same time, Katie ends up in the Sexy Seat, literally looking so sexy to Shane that he gets quite aggressive, binding her in place with ropes that cause her breasts to swell up if she struggles, covering her mouth with tape that threatens to drain her intelligence and decency.

Her mind was all set for the work this new job would involve, but could Katie’s body possibly prepare itself for the kind of Trance-Torture she’ll be so enjoyably suffering?


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She’d heard that work could be torture, but until a chilly October day at a brand new job, Katie never imagined how literal that torture could be… or that working certain jobs could turn pain to pleasure and pleasure to something that forever changed her mind and body.

Walking in to a disheveled looking old warehouse downtown, Katie spots a man her father’s age holding up a clipboard. As the only other person around, she quickly learns he is Shane, her partner for the month of product testing to be intentionally done at these out of the way warehouses no longer in use. But if either of them thought product testing for Trance-tory would be easy, they have a seasonably shocking surprise coming their way.

The one thing Katie has always been good at is reading people and she is immediately put at ease by Shane seeming remarkably trustworthy and decent, something that definitely helps on both a new job and in a spooky location isolated as they are. But just because he looks that way may not mean he stays that way after they crack open the crates on the three distinctly different Trance-tory products they are to start their work testing.

Given a limited time to test the products, Katie and Shane get right to work, and this is work that will truly be unique, at least if the rather weirdly named products are anything to go by.

Uncrating the largest product reveals what seems to be an old and purposely distressed upholstered wooden chair. Reading the manifest, Shane says Trance-tory calls it the Sexy Seat, just one sit and you will attract more than just looks.

As weird as that sounds and looks, the other products seems even more so, one featuring rather ordinary looking duct tape called Trance-tory Tape, the other made up of a length of nylon rope called Busty Bindings.

Considering the limited time they have to test and go through these three, Katie decides to be inventive, suggesting they try all three at once. She can sit in the Sexy Seat while he tries out the rope and tape. It seems a reasonable solution since apparently Trance-tory has a shipment arriving in just over an hour for yet another product they will need to test today… but as soon as Katie takes a seat, she discovers what torture her new job can be.

Sitting in the ordinary looking older upholstered chair, Katie first thinks Shane is joking when the man immediately starts complimenting her. But as he calls her the sexiest woman he ever saw, talking about her figure, her skin, her long hair, she starts to catch on that maybe there is more to the claims of the Sexy Seat than she ever thought possible.

Before she can so much as move, Shane has her tightly bound with the conveniently available Busty Bindings, told she can never leave that Sexy Seat, she’s just so sexy in it, his mind obviously warped by the very products they are supposed to be testing.

And when Katie desperately starts to struggle, realizing her torturous predicament at the hands of a man who clearly isn’t thinking straight, that is when she really discovers the dangers of Trance-tory products.

It seems the more she struggles against her Busty Binding bondage, the bigger her tits get, swelling fatter and larger, stretching her sweater, giving Shane only more reason to keep her right where she is, bound and trapped in the Sexy Seat forever.

As Shane gets more and more energetically violent, groping, slapping, punching at her suddenly busty boobs, Katie is trying to talk her way out of this situation… but her talking only pushes Shane into using the Trance-tory Tape which it seems has a tendency to drain the intelligence among other important traits right from the mind of someone exposed to that tape for too long.

Will Katie’s first day on the new job be more torture than a girl can handle… or will she truly cum to appreciate the benefits that job comes with?

It’s Halloween with the Kreme, take pleasure in your work all month long; Katie sure is going to!


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