Julie James controls HallowKreme

Julie James was the most popular gamer girl on the planet, a redhead everyone tuned in to see for more than just her gaming. And then one day she mysteriously vanished.

SINtech Tales Screaming Streaming Julie James by Kris P. Kreme

SINtech Tales Screaming Streaming Julie James by Kris P. Kreme

What few knew was that Julie James had her mind sucked into virtual reality while testing an advanced prototype VR headset for SINtech, makers of all things SINtendo. And her body was left a husk, freely used by gamers testing SINtendo games.

Enraged, Julie James went mad in VR, her new cock monster friend pleasuring her endlessly and bringing about a new purpose. She would have her revenge and escape.

On Halloween night, that escape finally happens… but what perverse destruction will be left in her wake?


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Years ago there was a world famous gamer girl everyone tuned in to see online. And while the viewers may have been as equally attracted to her as they were her style of gaming, no one could deny that redhead Julie James had something special that would take her far in her chosen gaming career. But nobody could have imagined just how far gaming would take Julie James, and just how passionately insane it might drive her to claw her way back from where she went.

On an ordinary day at SINtech Tower, the most subversively secretive gaming development company in the world, Julie James was forever sucked into VR using technology intended for SINtendo. Her body was left a living empty husk and a coverup was immediately taken on by SINtech employees, including a man named Max who watched everything happen on the notoriously high security Floor 13 of SINtech Tower.

In a virtual world of her own creation, Julie James met her one and only friend, a vile disgusting inky black creature she came to call the cock monster. And this cock monster truly screwed a once innocent gamer girl into a VR vixen who went on the warpath to find her way back to reality, back to her body which had been discarded at SINtech Tower and used by gamers left in horny states by testing SINtendo games.

One of those caught in the crossfire of Julie James sending messages to SINtech that she would never stop hunting them through every electronic means possible, was Max’s wife Belinda, her real world body left a lifeless doll, her consciousness taken inside the VR prison Julie James ruled, becoming another friend of hers.

And this Halloween, under the guise of a massive midnight media celebration and costume party at SINtech Tower, Max plans on finally putting the danger of Julie James behind them forever.

As media awaits a big announcement before the midnight celebration, only Ariana Austin reporting for Game Gab spots the men sneaking in a side entrance, and one of those men is one of the few remaining SINtech employees who knows what happened to Julie James, footage of her last being seen in SINtech Tower having been released in recent weeks. The two lackeys with him carry what he claims is just a coffin prop for the costume party later.

But after leaving the lovely Ariana Austin outside, Max is leading those men and that high tech looking coffin up to Floor 13. Inside the coffin is Julie James’ real body, fully restored to what it once was. Max has overseen massive security upgrades throughout SINtech Tower since the loss of his wife at Julie James’ digital hands. From bone graft security for all employees, connecting them to the digital hub of the building mainframe, to VR headset wearing bio-networking security guards wandering the halls, able to see both real world and digital threats, everything has been guarded against whatever Julie James became ever making it into this building.

He intends to store her preserved body in the most secure part of the building, forever locking her out, finally breathing easier as SINtech moves on to bigger and better things.

But was the leak of that security footage in recent weeks done by Julie James herself, reaching out from the VR world with the ultimate distraction, the ultimate plan to scare SINtech and Max into taking the very actions he now takes?

And will the new planned announcement of something called nano-cell clustering, which allows microscopic robots to replicate and bring anything virtual into the real world allow Julie James to bring along a special cock monster friend to transformatively have her ultimate revenge on Max and so many others standing in her way as she finally awakes in the body she for so long sought to return to?

You’ve waited years to see if the sexy seductive Julie James would ever return to our world, taking her vengeance from the limits of virtual reality to reality itself. You’ve seen the madness and mayhem she has unleashed upon countless VR victims. But you haven’t seen anything like the real flesh and blood forever corrupted Screaming Streaming Julie James!

Halloween with the Kreme shows that sometimes the scariest monsters out there are the ones you create yourself.


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