Donnie’s makeup is just for HallowKreme

Donnie the Demon's Makeup Madness by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon’s Makeup Madness by Kris P. Kreme

Stacy has always been mistaken for a little girl just due to her petite size and carefree sweet demeanor. But this Halloween she wants to surprise and scare her boyfriend Rory by making herself up like a clown… what he fears most.

Buying one of the new Makeup Madness kits from Donnie the Demon, Stacy could never imagine the demonic ingredients Melgrim and Grimmel put into the two day lasting makeup.

She may just find herself being a literal clown, complete with cackling craziness, her own inflated balloons, and an eagerness to do all sorts of clowning around with both Rory and his friends.


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Donnie the Demon is happily munching away at a fresh tray of mini-pizzas when the cutest little girl comes in the store… though as Stacy is quick to point out, she’s not a little girl. She’s just petite and super carefree, nothing bothering her. However she’s here because she wants to play a trick on her boyfriend, but will her trick make a clown out of her?

Having read in a magazine about a new makeup selection at Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle, Stacy is interested in one of the Makeup Madness kits, a new offering to allow customers to make their own costumes more creatively, and a new product that happened to be put together by his troublesome employees Melgrim and Grimmel.

The Makeup Madness kit looks even better than she thought it would when Grimmel brings one out for her, Donnie busily munching on mini-pizzas. Stacy is excitedly looking forward to finally getting a laugh at her boyfriend Rory since Rory is terrified of clowns and feels the exact opposite about her.

It seems that Rory and his friends are always calling Stacy a little girl, just because of her size and youthful looks, but a little makeup can change all that, and this Makeup Madness kit even includes hair coloring.

So shortly after a very happy purchase, Stacy is outside her boyfriend’s apartment, using the Makeup Madness kit from her trunk to color her hair green, to apply just the right clown look that will have Rory jumping as he answers the door.

But with every application of the creamy makeup to her skin, with her fingers rubbing color through her hair, Stacy is feeling more and more unusual, tingly, more than just a little excited. And by the time Rory opens the door to a definite jump scare he hadn’t ever expected from his sweet girl of a girlfriend, Stacy has become quite a bit manic and crazed with clownlike intentions.

But will Stacy ever be seen as a little girl again after the impossible inflation of her own balloons, the contortionist intensity of her horny behavior with both Rory and his friends? Will Rory overcome his fear of clowns by overcumming in Stacy? And what will happen when the makeup wears off two days later?

It’s Halloween with the Kreme, so put on your spooky makeup and get ready to go mad!


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