Time for a haunting at HallowKreme

Peter Geist Demolishing Debbie by Kris P. Kreme

Peter Geist Demolishing Debbie by Kris P. Kreme

Intending to demolish the old farmhouse outside the town of Jacoby, Travis doesn’t care that everyone local avoids this place, claiming something in the haunted structure turns people evil and corrupts their minds and bodies.

It’s little more than a paycheck, one that will set his family run demolition business up for life. But their plans for explosives, sledgehammer destruction, and bulldozing flattening will change thanks to an angry spirit named Peter Geist.

When Travis’s only daughter Debbie arrives, the coed presents just the opportunity to start a twisted multiple possession that will have the cute girl truly destroyed and all of them leaving the farmhouse as it stands.


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It has been years since anyone bothered the old farmhouse outside the town of Jacoby. Even those in the town seemed to have forgotten it existed, but a certain somewhat living thing trapped for eternity in the old farmhouse definitely knows that nothing lasts forever.

Peter Geist, as he named himself, is no stranger to dealing with pesky humans who come across his dwelling, and over more time than he can remember he has mastered his own perverse way of dealing with those humans, corrupting them, possessing them, using them all as puppets to further corrupt each other. But when he hears the revving noise and peers out the boarded up windows of the decaying old farmhouse, he sees something that both angers and frightens the old spirit.

Masked men, wearing more facial protection than he has ever seen before, are organizing outside the farmhouse, one of them driving a massive bulldozer, and masks have always presented a unique problem for Peter Geist.

He usually takes possession of their pathetic human forms by way of mouth, nose, and yes occasionally ears, but there are three grown men out there with faces completely blocked, and that presents not only a frustration but an absolute rage in Peter as he listens in on their plan.

The man in charge, Travis, has been hired by the state to get rid of the farmhouse for good, to demolish every inch of it, flatten it to the ground, and leave it. As he explains, the local town of Jacoby gave up being able to handle this place, rumors taken quite seriously that the place is haunted, that it corrupts and fucks with the minds of anyone who wanders inside it. They say it makes people evil and do horrible things to themselves and others. That is the reason for all the facial protection.

As far as Travis is concerned it’s just the job that will pay for the future of his family demolition business, but there’s probably something inside that farmhouse that prolonged exposure to causes mental issues or something. So everyone is to wear protection that is coming anywhere near or inside the old farmhouse.

Along with him is his brother-in-law Edwin, and the new husband to his niece, Russell. But as much as Peter Geist couldn’t care less about figuring a way of stopping this family get together, the plan doesn’t really come to him until a late arrival in the form of Travis’s only daughter, an environmentally conscious coed named Debbie.

Debbie is all kinds of cute, just the type Peter Geist can use to save his old farmhouse from demolition. But first he’ll have to figure out just the way to stop the C4 explosive putty from exploding and breaking the main supports in his home, to stop the idiots from using sledgehammers to further damage and destroy everything before flattening the place with that bulldozer.

Will dear sweet Debbie find her mind and body taken hold of by a poltergeist determined to have her do deadly things like swallowing all the C4? Will Travis and his crew discover what twisted fun it can be to demolish sweet Debbie in tantalizing twisted ways, ways impossible if not for the possessing influence of a ghost named Peter Geist inside each and every one of them?

They came to destroy, but in the end Peter Geist never goes down without a fight, unlike Debbie who may do much more than simply go down. Halloween with the Kreme demolishes your expectations this year!


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