It’s HallowKreme in June O

Tales from the Kremey Zone Presents If You Can't Take the Heat by Kris P. Kreme

Tales from the Kremey Zone Presents If You Can’t Take the Heat by Kris P. Kreme

June O went from highly educated respectable woman to highly perverse dirty slut, and she has loved every decadent second of it. So naturally for Halloween she just had to request some extra work from her favorite online author.

That’s how June serves her Kreme Keeper duty this Halloween and serves us up a twisted little tale about a loving family turning evil thanks to demonically possessed pots and pans.

Lois wanted to serve up a meal, but she might end up serving up the souls of her daughter, her husband, and his son as this kitchen gets hotter than most can handle.


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There exists a balance in nature… but no amount of balance can keep a certain new Kreme Keeper named June O from requesting a special story to read over this Halloween, and the once highly educated respectable independent woman June was is gone. In her place is the now finally knocked up eager little redheaded slut ready to do her Kreme Keeper job and introduce a twisted tale that takes an ordinary family to the brink and beyond.

This month’s twisted Tale from the Kremy Zone finds an innocent sweet woman working away in her kitchen, never knowing what dangers are cooking up for her very soul.

Lois was finally a happy woman, married for the second time in her life, the only thing happy out of the first being an intelligent eighteen year old daughter named Isabel. Her new husband Reece is so much more than the faithful man she always wanted. He even has a shy generous son, classmate to Isabel, and somehow he actually gets along great with Lois’ daughter, the two of them working a Halloween charity event before coming home to the dinner Lois works away at.

Truly nothing could be better in life, no troubles, a loving caring family, and isn’t that of course when something truly hellish just has to happen?

Tonight just happens to be the night Lois has chosen to break in the new high quality steel pots she got at an estate auction the other day. These kitchen pots and pans once belonged in the old McKinley Mansion and Lois got a great deal because of ridiculous protesters claiming that the McKinley Mansion was the sight of Satanic rituals, a place where those very pots and pans were used in devilishly evil acts.

With Reece showering before dinner, the kids not yet home, Lois heats up the first of the pots and that is when she hears a strange disembodied voice calling out to her, telling her to drink the boiling water, causing her to harm herself and taking control of her with plans to harm others.

Will Lois be able to resist the demonic possession so quickly taking charge of her mind and body? Will she seek help from husband Reece, or beat him with the evil pots until he comes around to planning a brutal corrupting assault on innocent Isabel? And will Reece’ son Danny be able to resist the temptations and demonically charged desires of Lois when he walks in?

If you can’t take the heat, you should definitely stay out of this kitchen… or else you might find yourself trapped in The Kremey Zone just in time for Halloween with the Kreme.


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The next treat… is scary