Kerry is a surprise at HallowKreme

Kerry by Kris P. Kreme

Kerry by Kris P. Kreme

In a story so familiar and yet new, meet Kerry, a sweet but unattractive overweight teenage girl just trying to do something nice in preparing the auditorium for prom.

Kerry has always been picked on by three teenage girls as beautiful as they are cruel, Melissa, Maggie, and Emma. When those girls along with two of their boyfriends play a disgusting prank resulting in bull sperm spilled all over Kerry, a power is unleashed she never knew she had.

Possessing telekinetic psychic powers, Kerry seals the auditorium, locking others out to have her revenge on the three, turning those girls into what they always called her, turning herself into the most gorgeous girl at school.


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Kerry has never been popular, never been the girl any boy wanted to so much as look at, but despite her heavyset body and pimply face, despite the ratty lifeless hair she seemed destined to always have, Kerry was never anything but sweet and shy… until the day of fall prom her senior year.

That was the day she had been working with other art student volunteers inflating and tying balloons together, getting the large auditorium all beautiful for the prom in a short while. She knew she had no friends, no date, but that didn’t mean Kerry couldn’t make the place special for the others, have her own contribution to such a significant day in their senior year.

Unfortunately it was also the day that the queen bitch of the school Melissa, likely soon the prom queen, came along and plotted more torture than all four years of high school for poor Kerry.

The beautiful blonde Melissa was as flawless as Kerry was flawed, and her friends Maggie the gorgeous redhead and Emma the brainy brunette were every bit as stuck up and privileged as pretty teenage girls could ever get. For whatever reason they’d always been as disgusted by Kerry as they were fascinated by all the insulting ways of making life hell for her. But hell may just be rising up to swallow them all this year, especially after a prank coordinated with the help of Maggie and Emma’s boyfriends Malcolm and Bryce.

It seems that they have a plan for Kerry Kow as Melissa likes to call her, a simple but infinitely cruel prank involving a bucket full of bull sperm.

But when Kerry is tricked into standing beneath the ladder that bucket is perched on, when the bucket pours over her, something is unleashed within the sweet girl that will forever punish her bullies forever.

Only Brantley, Melissa’s boyfriend and destined prom king seemed reluctant to participate in the prank, but he along with all of them will be trapped in the auditorium as Kerry finds a power within herself she never knew she had… levitating off the carpet and finally taking charge, as well as taking a little something else from each of the three girls who flaunted their flawless bodies so cruelly in front of her.

As Kerry takes her telekinetic psychic-enraged revenge upon Melissa, Maggie, and Emma, she uses their own boyfriends to forever change their bodies… and each time, Kerry’s own body gets that much hotter, that much more perfect.

Will Melissa learn to never call another girl a cow… and become one herself? Will Maggie learn that calling another girl empty of anything worth their attention will leave her empty and only worthy of horny guys’ attention? And will the brainy Emma have no brains left as she faces her own horny dumb fate?

This Halloween with the Kreme, read a tale so familiar and yet so twisted and original, about what happens when you pick on the wrong girl at the wrong time and get everything made right in very wrong ways. The month may be ending, but Kerry is just getting started with her new life.


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And so closes Halloween with the Kreme 2022…

Get ready for a Kreme Kornucopia!