HallowKreme can’t stop Donnie

Donnie the Demon Taming the Beast by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon Taming the Beast by Kris P. Kreme

On their way to pick up costumes, Blake Connors puts up with the insults of his domineering wife. As whipped a husband as one would ever find, Courtney Connors is at least a beautiful woman to watch while she berates him.

Courtney has a plan for costumes that fit their relationship, but everything may change including that relationship when they reach Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle.

She finds herself a sexy lion tamer costume. But the closest thing to a lion costume for Blake is one called Beast, and Donnie doesn’t want to sell it because it’s supposedly among the cursed ones.

Will Courtney finally regret always getting her way when she insists Donnie sell it to them?


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Blake Connors has always been the very definition of the term whipped. So it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to any of the friends his wife is hosting a Halloween costume party for to see the costumes Courtney has in mind. But Blake and Courtney are about to discover just how much costumes can change far more than mere appearance… especially when bought from a certain Costume Castle.

The entire car trip to Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle, Blake is sheepishly putting up with the nonstop insults for everything he so frequently has done or said wrong. Never one to stand up to his wife, never one to question anything she says, Courtney quite firmly wears the pants in their marriage. His friends know it, but more importantly Courtney knows it.

Doubting Blake’s ability to even find the place, Courtney only puts up with his supposed work friends’ recommendation of where to get the costumes because Blake heard about a half off sale at Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle.

As they get closer to finally reaching the place, Courtney questions everything from whether the business is still even open, to if Donnie is a stupid guy because the name of his business sounds absolutely stupid. She’s more annoyed the longer the drive, since in her eyes everything Blake takes the reins to do is always nothing but a failure. And Blake puts up with everything the way he always has, no spine, no anger, even when she calls him by the name he least likes to hear… shrinky dink.

As they finally get there and Courtney seems eager to walk in, the massive scale of the warehouse sized store sure to get her in all her steps for the day, Blake takes a moment to appreciate the one aspect of his wife no man would have a problem with… the way just walking puts a bounce in her large breasts, the perfect body men with wives everywhere still fantasized about. Of course after yet another insult, Blake shyly walks in and they both get to meet the one and only Donnie the Demon.

Besides the building being massively themed and seeming to go on forever, more like some sort of amusement park than a store, Donnie the Demon is certainly not a character one would forget easily. Both are a little overwhelmed even standing before the demon costumed owner of the Costume Castle. But Donnie is as goofy loveable as ever, offering mini-pizzas currently in the oven, grinning and being as helpful the host as always.

Having spoken to Donnie on the phone before coming, Blake asks about the costumes for him and his wife, a lion tamer and a lion costume. Unfortunately though Donnie says he was only able to find a lion tamer costume among what he calls the un-cursed costumes.

Confused by the word un-cursed, Donnie only explains to Courtney that they are the ones in the half-off sale this year. He also thinks the costume was for Blake which Courtney quickly corrects. After all she has Blake whipped, so who else would wear the lion tamer costume? Besides, she says, it will look great over her black party dress she’s wearing, as long as it is red and gold traditional.

Unfortunately though Donnie assures them he looked but wasn’t able to find a lion costume in stock, and as he is talking to Blake about his lack of a costume, Courtney calls out from a rack of costumes marked with yellow caution tape.

With definite concern, Donnie tells Courtney those costumes aren’t for sale, the one she found simply marked Beast. They are the cursed ones, he says before stammering another excuse.

But Courtney has never met a man she didn’t get her way with, even a man in an elaborate demon costume, so she demands that he sell that costume because the beast one will go perfectly with her lion tamer.

But just what will the cursed beast costume do to timid whipped Blake when they each try them on? Just what will he find himself suddenly thinking of his beautiful bitchy wife? And will Courtney find herself no longer in control of anything including how they thank Donnie for such wonderful costumes?

Halloween with the Kreme wouldn’t be complete without a visit to everyone’s favorite hellishly fun costume store, where Donnie the Demon has more deals than you can imagine, and one sale Courtney may forever regret that has her discovering how truly hard it will be Taming the Beast her husband becomes.


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