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Kremey Picture Goodness

Taffy’s Other Side… Seen.

BigTopTaffy Uncensored Cover by Kris P. Kreme

The cover for Big Top Taffy had be have something covered up before it could appear. Here’s the uncensored cover!

The other side of Pheromone Park

A Walk in Pheromone Park Uncensored Cover by Kris P. Kreme

The cover for Pheromone Park was a little too hot for publishing, but here’s what it looks like!

Readers get to see what gets Groped…

Grope Therapy Uncensored Cover by Kris P. Kreme

The last of the three covers for Reader’s Choice Month that had to be censored is the cover for Grope Therapy, which was a shame really. Max Colby has a serious problem, as the principal of the local high school and the stepfather to a trouble making eighteen year old girl named Melanie, Max is …

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Readers wonder what’s behind the 8-Ball…

The magic behind the Eight ball Uncensored Cover by Kris P. Kreme

Time for another uncensored Reader’s Choice Month cover that was too much for Amazon or Smashwords… This time a look at the cover of The Magic Behind the 8-Ball and what couldn’t be shown! It all starts with a tropical vacation where Joseph finds a Magic Eight Ball and purchases it. The eight ball has …

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Readers should see the Fun uncensored cover shouldn’t they?

Fun Bags Uncensored Cover by Kris P. Kreme

There are a few uncensored covers for Reader’s Choice Month, and here’s the first one! Fun Bags tells the tales of Jennifer and Karen, best friends and roommates, coeds off together on a vacation to Tokyo. A random trip to a convenience store keeps them far too entertained, cracking smiles at all the horribly wrong …

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Reader’s Choice month is over for 2013…

Reader's Choice Month Covers by Kris P. Kreme

Reader’s Choice Month has ended for 2013… Fifteen of the choicest tales of Kreme as requested by you, the Kreme’s readers that voted for the stories that you wanted to see! The Kreme would like to thank his readers for making Reader’s Choice Month what it turned out to be and there will be more …

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Just another uncensored cover Passing Through…

Just Passing Uncensored Cover by Kris P. Kreme

It’s time to reveal one of the covers that was too hot to be published… But not here and not for readers of the Kreme! Just Passing is a Klassic Kreme tale of Stephanie, a woman who changes the world around her as she walks on by. All three of her stories in one Klassic …

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The World of Kris P. Kreme

Kris P. World by Kris P. Kreme

One of the most special places in the universe is Kris P. World. The home of bimbos, mind control, reality changing video games and more. While not all of the Kreme’s cunning plans have been revealed, there are plans afoot and soon they will be! It is 2013, and it is the year of the …

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July 2013 is cumming soon…

July Kreme Event

You voted. Yes. You did. You answered a question that has been on the mind of many, How do you like your Kreme? Some wanted longer Kreme stories. Some wanted shorter Kreme stories. But overwhelmingly, what you, the reader, ask for was just more Kreme… July 2013. Cheer loudly for the Kreme will deliver!

When a cover Resorts to Extemes

Resorting to Extremes Uncensored Cover by Kris P. Kreme

When one of the Kreme’s Kovers are not approved by Amazon or Smashwords, they have to be changed. But readers of the Kreme can always check out the uncensored covers here! The cover of Resorting to Extremes was simply too extreme oddly enough, but here it is! Look for more Kreme Kovers soon! And look …

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Some Happy Endings shouldn’t be censored

Happy Endings Uncensored Cover

Sometimes the covers that appear for Kreme stories just are a bit too hot for Amazon or Smashwords or for that matter any number of places where you will find fresh Kreme offerings.Still, such tasty tidings should not be hidden away where they cannot be enjoyed can they? So, for the readers of the Kreme, …

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A Bare Bunny here because it can’t be elsewhere

Benny the Bumbling Bunny Uncensored Cover

Some of the book covers can’t make it to Amazon or Smashwords without strategically placed things to avoid some problems. Of course here I don’t have that problem. So here is the uncensored cover for Benny the Bumbling Bunny for readers of the Kreme to enjoy!

Chaos of S.M.U.T. Uncensored Cover

Chaos of S.M.U.T. Uncensored Cover

Last year the Kreme released the series called the Chaos of S.M.U.T. At one point in time there were three separate stories that were published, but after some problems with Smashwords, they were released in a single volume. But there were three covers, and here is the first one uncensored for readers of the Kreme!

The Kreme’s Krop of 2013 is koming in tomorrow

Kreme of the Krop Ad

On March 20th, the Kreme will be celebrating the anniversary of starting Tales from the Kreme. As part of that milestone, there will be a book release which contains six Kremey tales in one massive Kollection of Kreme! The three stories of 2012 that the Kreme is proudest of plus three new Kreme Tales not …

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