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HallowKreme begins with a Booby Trap

Booby Trapped Undercover by Kris P. Kreme

Agreeing to help out her cop husband by wearing a wire, along with a black skintight bodysuit that very much embarrasses her, Alicia could never imagine how little she might be wearing by the end of the night. Owen has a plan to catch the local crime boss, Blake Crichton, saying or admitting to anything …

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Halloween with the Kreme 2023 is creeping into view!

Halloween with the Kreme 2023

Halloween with the Kreme is cumming to get you! This year there is more Kremey Klassics than ever before, with fifteen brand new books from nearly every series and theme imaginable. Look for a surprising return of Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun, all new SINtendo featuring a cameo from the original SINtendo character that started it …

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Kerry is a surprise at HallowKreme

Kerry by Kris P. Kreme

In a story so familiar and yet new, meet Kerry, a sweet but unattractive overweight teenage girl just trying to do something nice in preparing the auditorium for prom. Kerry has always been picked on by three teenage girls as beautiful as they are cruel, Melissa, Maggie, and Emma. When those girls along with two …

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It’s HallowKreme in June O

Tales from the Kremey Zone Presents If You Can't Take the Heat by Kris P. Kreme

June O went from highly educated respectable woman to highly perverse dirty slut, and she has loved every decadent second of it. So naturally for Halloween she just had to request some extra work from her favorite online author. That’s how June serves her Kreme Keeper duty this Halloween and serves us up a twisted …

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Time for a haunting at HallowKreme

Peter Geist Demolishing Debbie by Kris P. Kreme

Intending to demolish the old farmhouse outside the town of Jacoby, Travis doesn’t care that everyone local avoids this place, claiming something in the haunted structure turns people evil and corrupts their minds and bodies. It’s little more than a paycheck, one that will set his family run demolition business up for life. But their …

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Donnie’s makeup is just for HallowKreme

Donnie the Demon's Makeup Madness by Kris P. Kreme

Stacy has always been mistaken for a little girl just due to her petite size and carefree sweet demeanor. But this Halloween she wants to surprise and scare her boyfriend Rory by making herself up like a clown… what he fears most. Buying one of the new Makeup Madness kits from Donnie the Demon, Stacy …

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Julie James controls HallowKreme

SINtech Tales Screaming Streaming Julie James by Kris P. Kreme

Julie James was the most popular gamer girl on the planet, a redhead everyone tuned in to see for more than just her gaming. And then one day she mysteriously vanished. What few knew was that Julie James had her mind sucked into virtual reality while testing an advanced prototype VR headset for SINtech, makers …

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HallowKreme can’t stop Donnie

Donnie the Demon Taming the Beast by Kris P. Kreme

On their way to pick up costumes, Blake Connors puts up with the insults of his domineering wife. As whipped a husband as one would ever find, Courtney Connors is at least a beautiful woman to watch while she berates him. Courtney has a plan for costumes that fit their relationship, but everything may change …

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It’s the right time of year for a Booby Trap

Booby Trapped Tricked and Treated by Kris P. Kreme

Brock is upset he won’t be able to help his mom with the candy like they usually do for Halloween, but it may be Vanessa who gets more upset, once she is alone and ready for trick or treaters to arrive only to get a menacing phone call instead. With her husband out of town …

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HallowKreme gets Twisted by Fertile Fields

Twisted by Kris P. Kreme

After her boyfriend Nash proves himself to be every bit the asshole she thought he was, Millie is speeding off from their poorly planned night under the stars. The stars weren’t even visible as a storm was rolling in and as Millie drives off, desperate to re-join civilization, she is alerted that a tornado is …

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Things get tense around HallowKreme

Trance-torture by Kris P. Kreme

Katie and Shane are partnered up to test Trance-tory products isolated at a warehouse all month, but is this job going to be more torture than Katie can handle? Deciding to test multiple Trance-tory products at the same time, Katie ends up in the Sexy Seat, literally looking so sexy to Shane that he gets …

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A Konversation at HallowKreme is terrifying

Terror Talk by Kris P. Kreme

As a certain talkative doctor is struggling to find the solution to keeping his house from being vandalized on Halloween night, the solution comes thanks to a call from his out of town neighbor. It seems Roger is worried about his daughter Laura, home alone for the first time, terrified of generally everything since the …

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Some are Mad at HallowKreme

A MAD High by Kris P. Kreme

Joey and Heath are best friends, but trying to keep Heath focused on much of anything can be maddening. Always the stoner, baked out of his brain, giggling at everything, Heath is supposed to be relaying the latest awesome Halloween prank idea he had. Instead, he’s been mostly staring at photos posted of his sister, …

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Vegas is Hell at HallowKreme

Hell to Pay by Kris P. Kreme

Betty simply wanted to get the night over with, working another double shift at the Sadism Salon, an underground club that has seen better days in Las Vegas. But on Halloween night, as midnight approaches, she’ll find her midwestern innocence dominated right out of her body as she pays the ultimate price for spilling drinks …

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