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Oct 01 2018

If it’s October… It has to be time for HallowKreme 2018!

It’s the beginning of October and the Kreme Keeper’s coffin is opening… HallowKreme 2018 has arrived! New SINtendo, new Trance-tory and new Days Later! New Konversational and the beginning of two brand new series! New Seamen Shack as well as tons of new original Halloween theme stories! And in the Kreme’s goody bag… Surprise sequels …

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Oct 29 2017

It’s surprisingly Fertile on HallowKreme

Leaving a costume party, Jessica wonders why Alan didn’t wear the devil costume to her sinful angel, but thanks to a surprise destination, both may feel devilish soon enough. Fascinated by exploring closed carnivals and haunted houses, Jessica is thrilled that Alan found The Fright House, an abandoned inner city multi-story fun house with a …

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Oct 28 2017

There has to be a Konversation on HallowKreme

When a cute techie, dressed as a punk girl for Halloween meets a mysterious wolf man, there’s something in the air. Thanks to conversational skills the wolf man has mastered, the air will soon be in Bella. Admitting she’s comfortable with her body, particularly her big breasts, it isn’t long before their conversation has her …

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Oct 28 2017

There has to be a ghost on HallowKreme

It isn’t frequent that Peter Geist has unexpected guests to his old rundown farmhouse, the place he has haunted for more years than he can count. Last year though, he had a few daring teens stop by, the poor virginal girl, Chloe, leaving quite a bit less than virginal. That encounter is now coming back …

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Oct 25 2017

HallowKreme casts its own spells

Every school has one, the creepy goth girl who gets accused of being a witch behind her back. But in Dani’s school, there might actually be one. Fellow cheerleaders, Chloe and Kylie are convinced that Xenia is a witch. When Chloe tries to prove it by swiping Xenia’s suspected spell book, she mysteriously goes missing. …

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Oct 23 2017

There’s more to a Haunted House on HallowKreme

Becca grew up with Dee and Chad, guys who got a lot more annoying after redheaded Becca got curvy. This year Becca has a plan to both end them being perverts and find out more about the spooky house in their neighborhood. She offers a wager. If she trick or treats at the reportedly evil …

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Oct 21 2017

Get Mad on HallowKreme

Peter is an honor student just like his best friend Meredith, who he’d much rather have crazy kinky sex with. Unfortunately Peter got stuck in the friend zone with a sweet innocent girl he’d secretly like nothing more than to take innocence from. After sleepless nights during a school trip to the city, Peter wanders …

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Oct 18 2017

Time for HallowKreme to get Bombed by a Bimbo

Jonathan and Lance have always been competitive when it comes to most anything, gaming, pranking each other, and of course talking dirty about the other’s mother. Their moms Brenda and Cassandra each are definite milfs, but this year thanks to an unfortunate Bimbo Bombing, one of them might just live up to the name… and …

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Oct 15 2017

Get dressed up for HallowKreme

Plotting a cruel prank on an innocent picked on girl from their school, Skye Davis and Veronica Castille are taking things too far. They plan to trick poor Alicia into wearing a cursed dress which reportedly brings suffering and tragedy to all who wear it. The dress is called The Devil’s Dress, but what neither …

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Oct 13 2017

A HallowKreme vape is unforgettable…

Having always encouraged the eighteen year old boy in the apartment next to hers, Lucy is happy to try something he said his sister recommended for concentration and focus while studying. Seeking her masters in philosophy, Lucy needs all the help she can get, so when she finds the package she ordered one day after …

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Oct 11 2017

What’s HallowKreme without SINtendo?

Deanna loves Kyle, a man she was encouraged to date by her daughter, Victoria. Always a good judge of character, it’s saying something when Victoria is willing to help surprise Kyle for his birthday. But the surprise may be ultimately on them when they set up his gift, a new SINtendo, something Deanna saw was …

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Oct 09 2017

Possession is nine-tenths of the law after all…

Penny never thought she’d return to Aunt Geraldine’s large mansion. But a crime has been committed, a priceless pearl bracelet stolen by the butler. Milton was the nicest man back when Penny visited as a child, but Aunt Geraldine went a little wild, no morals, nothing redeeming and has been missing, presumed dead for a …

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Oct 08 2017

After a short delay… This Just In.

Suffering the final task of Hell Week, Christina, Charlotte, and Alexis have to walk the paths of campus prepared for planned encounters to challenge their resolve. But it isn’t what’s planned which will change everything, since no one on earth planned for a visit from Gleeble Flog, an inter-dimensional traveler here to visit what he …

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Oct 04 2017

A dusty locker at HallowKreme isn’t what it seems…

Cindy has planned for this day, collecting her savings, dressing to earn more than a second look, and arriving on time for a local access reality storage locker buying show. She’s going to be famous; she just knows it, and she may definitely end up getting what she wants even if she has to give …

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Oct 02 2017

Get dressed up for HallowKreme with Donnie!

There’s nothing to fear from fierce dedication, at least that’s what Ronny and Kate have themselves convinced of breaking into the Central Stage Theater for their own private dress rehearsal of a version of Beauty and the Beast coming to their small town. Intending to gain the advantage in casting the next day and clinch …

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Sep 30 2017

It’s going to be a scary HallowKreme 2017…

Get ready Readers for that special time of the year… A time of witches demons and ghosts… Curses abound and scientists are mad… Aliens attack and no one is safe… It’s HallowKreme 2017! New SINtendo! New Bimbo Bombed! New Trance-tory! More Kreme than your goody bag can hold! Starting Soon!