Jul 24 2012

A Klassic Kreme BE Comic – Cruise Control

Kreme Komic Sampler - Cruise ControlA classic BE comic from the Kreme!

Amanda and her more outgoing sister Nicole are on a cruise to break Amanda out of her shell and to see if she can get the busty Amanda to give guys a chance. After a few days of spending time in the cabin, Nicole and some wine coolers manage to loosen up Amanda enough to go to a midnight performance by an erotic hypnotist named Master Grey. During the performance, he convinces Amanda that her breasts are growing and will continue growing unless she manages to have sex with every man on board before the cruise ends. It’s all in fun until Nicole is given the task of snapping her fingers to end the hypnotic spell and she never learned how to snap. Amanda finds her breasts really growing with the uncontrollable urge to fulfill exactly what Master Grey commanded.

Twenty pages of breast expansion fun that only the Kreme kould kreate!

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