Jul 16 2012

A Calculated Risk – The first Readers’ Choice story from the Kreme!

A Calculated Risk - The First Readers' Choice StoryThe votes are in and the winner is… You! 14,000 words of Kremey goodness!

And the story is called: A Calculated Risk

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Jake’s friend Brian has always been a perv, but an honest and lovable perv. He’s been the one friend to stick around since college when Jake first discovered that Brian, besides being a bit of a deviant, had some unusual fantasies about women. He can turn any conversation to sex and the latest topic is Mindy, the girl Jake had until recent conversations felt sure he would spend the rest of his life with.

Mindy has a mind for math, and a body for much more according to Brian. Jake knows his buddy is only being himself, but the images of Mindy as his obsessed little slut have really hit him in a weak spot given the recent realization that unlike him, Mindy just isn’t ready to settle down and start a family. Mindy is an accountant and she is getting her very own private office at a prestigious bank downtown. This is a big career accomplishment and pushing aside the pervy images Brian has put in his head, Jake realizes his buddy does make one very good point. If he really wants to keep Mindy around, he needs to support her in whatever she does, even if the only multiplying Mindy does for some time will be on a calculator.

A calculator is how it all begins but before long, an innocent gift will be discovered to be anything but and Mindy will be finding that maybe her mind can be better spent getting saturated with something much more enjoyable than numbers. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in Mindy’s life as she goes from sweet and sophisticated to eagerly energetic for the next load, and no it isn’t a load of numbers to crunch.

Sometimes an idle fantasy between old buddies can turn into something good and sometimes it can turn into something twisted. The chances are even but it’s all a calculated risk.

Find out how the calculations play out in this very first Readers’ Choice story from Kris P. Kreme and to vote for future story elements to be included in the next story, keep voting!

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As a special bonus to the Kreme’s readers, here’s a sample of the story!


A Calculated Risk
by Kris P. Kreme

“You sure are one hell of a lucky guy, Jake.”

Jake was momentarily shaken from his thoughts as he’d been staring off into space, the past few weeks definitely being less than stellar in his life. Maybe that was why he shook the thoughts away so easily, came out of the haze of frustration dwelling on life’s unexpected turns. Hearing anyone say that he was lucky at the moment raised skepticism at best.

He looked over at the guy he guessed had to qualify as his best friend in life, Brian Skye. It wasn’t like the two of them saw eye to eye on many things, but the guy had stuck around after college and so far had only really been guilty of keeping his head firmly embedded in the clouds. Brian in the Skye, that was what he used to call him back when they were chasing chicks all over campus. It wasn’t like the guy couldn’t get his fair share. It was only that he had the strangest ideas when it came to sex. Maybe Brian read too much porn or maybe he just was the rare type to see a girl and think more how best he could improve her by twisting her own beliefs into morally clotted versions of themselves.

“I am, huh?” He grumbled. “I guess I don’t feel very lucky lately.”

Brian took another swig of the beer in his hands as the two of them sat in the living room. The television was blaring some sport Jake didn’t even care about, nor recall having turned on. If there was one thing about Brian, he had this subtle way of always getting what he wanted and apparently it would seem he wanted the channel on some sport from eastern Europe.

“You sure are, man.” Brian suppressed a burp and nudged Jake in the shoulder, pointing past him to the patio outside. “C’mon, you seriously want to try and say you aren’t a lucky son-of-a-bitch for landing that hottie right there?”

Jake saw Mindy on the patio and he knew what Brian was trying to say. Unfortunately he wasn’t feeling all that positive about Mindy and his relationship lately. That was the entire reason life seemed difficult these past few weeks. He hadn’t bothered Brian with the details, since Brian seemed to not just think bizarre fantastical thoughts about sex and women, but also had a far too talented way of turning every conversation about any woman into a visual painting of that woman having sex. It was either a curse or a gift but even speaking about getting mail delivered somehow could turn into a conversation about a female letter carrier getting her own special package and Brian laughing the whole time as he sipped on a beer.

“Mindy’s great,” Jake said, staring off into space again, hoping Brian would go back to watching whatever sport he’d found and let the conversation die. It almost worked, for about ten-seconds.


Jake stayed silent, hoping to avoid this.

Brian set the empty beer on the coffee table. “Okay man, I know you heard me. She’s great… but?”

Jake sighed and turned to look his overly grinning college buddy in the eye. “Alright, but if you turn this into something perverted I swear I’ll pour the next beer right down your pants.”

“Jake,” Brian said with mock surprise. “You wouldn’t be coming out of the closet would you? There’s better ways to get into my pants.”

Brian broke into laughing at his attempt at humor and Jake simply rolled his eyes. He looked back out at Mindy who was currently watering some plants on the patio, dressed in her typical ‘around the house’ clothes. There was nothing the girl could wear and not look stunning. He sighed again and looked back at the television, fighting for the right way to even begin the summary of recent developments in his personal life.

“Brian, I just really don’t know if she’s the girl for me. I mean, yeah, she’s great, but lately she just has… well she has her own plans in life and nothing can sway them. I think we could settle down, start a family, be happy, and yet… I guess she has other thoughts on that.”

For a minute or two the room was silent, only the foreign announcer on the television and the muffled cries of spectators watching some sport Jake still hadn’t managed to make sense of. He actually thought Brian was going to be serious, though thinking that about Brian was always a mistake. It wasn’t as though the guy didn’t mean well. He just had a way of sticking his foot in his mouth when he merely wanted to help with humor, it seemed.

“Man, I know you’re bummed, but I mean, well look at her. She’s still fuckin hotter than hell. That slim body, those perky and oh so bouncy tits, that long curly brown hair that shines just right in the sunlight; ya gotta admit that even if she isn’t ready for settling down, you still are one lucky guy to have her all to yourself.”

Jake looked over at Mindy and sighed again. He then looked back at Brian, seeing the glimmer in the guy’s eyes. “Okay, first, stop ogling my girl, okay? Second, you missed the point of what I was trying to say.”

“Dude, I wasn’t ogling your girl.” Brian laughed and then lowered his voice a bit. “I was sizing up that fine ass slut out there on the patio and imagining how she must be when she goes into heat. I bet she can bend that little body into all kinds of positions, can’t she?”

Jake reached out as casually as possible and grabbed Brian by the shirt, pressing him back against the couch rather firmly. “Listen, I know in your mind you’re making things better by saying that, but c’mon, it’s pretty damn rude to think that way about a friend’s girl.”

Releasing Brian’s shirt, Jake had to congratulate himself on maintaining that much control. Brian could be a horn dog as easily as an actual dog and usually that got him in trouble. Still, Jake knew what his friend was doing, or at least trying to do in his own clumsy-mannered way. What Brian said next confirmed it.

“Man, my bad. I didn’t mean to… well… you know I was only trying to pump you up, bro. I mean she’s all yours. You may not be able to move at your own pace, but you can enjoy the ride, right?”

Jake rubbed at his head and looked back from the television over to Mindy, currently bending over and watering a very small flower pot that sat on the ground next to the patio. The way she bent only showed off her incredible ass, only revealed more of the luscious brunette’s curves that even her slender form still managed to make the best of. Her long hair spilled to one side as she bent forward, away from the two of them inside. Jake knew Brian was looking right along with him. He knew that Brian was a guy of opportunity who’d sooner snatch Mindy away as be best man at his friend’s wedding. He also knew that Brian was speaking the truth, at least in part. He glanced back to Brian, confirming where the guy’s eyes were focused.

“Listen, it isn’t that the sex isn’t hotter than ever. You can write that thought out of your head. Mindy may be many things but she isn’t losing interest in me anytime soon. I just think… I don’t know. You mentioned her going into heat. Well, that apparently is never going to happen. See, I think Mindy is stuck in a certain frame of mind and there’s no changing her mind once it’s made up. Maybe… maybe I’m wrong. I just think she’d be cool as a mom. Don’t you?”

Brian had a grin that almost immediately made Jake regret asking the question but at this point he may as well simply let the guy go ahead and react as he was going to react, get it all out of his system. He braced for the indecent over-sharing of internal fantasies his old friend was likely going to spill.

“Ah… I get you man,” Brian began. “You’re wanting to pack little miss smarty pants with your special sauce. You wanna have her motor running extra hot so you can lube it up with the old oil again and again. You’d like bendy Mindy to bend on over and let you balloon her belly out to the floor. No, I totally get where you’re coming from. Get it… coming.” Brian paused and laughed, Jake maintaining a firm stare at his friend, while admittedly fighting off the firmness Brian’s words had caused elsewhere.

Whatever was going through Brian’s revolving door of a brain, there seemed little stopping it now and Jake simply breathed and waited it all out as his buddy seemed on some kind of near energetic rant.

“Dude, go with me here for a moment. I know Mindy’s not the type of girl, but for a second imagine it. What if we could make Mindy a complete cum slut, like totally and helplessly addicted to getting her womb blasted with cum? She’d be absolutely obsessed with having her belly filled every second of every day and nothing could interfere with the need, the urge, the uncontrollable horniness that kept her on all fours, on her back, bent over railings, bent over car hoods, bent backwards like a gymnast. She’d be knocked up for the conceivable future, emphasis on conceivable.”

Jake had to actually shift in his seat, uncomfortably looking away from his rather rambling buddy and looking out on the patio where Mindy was putting down the watering can and looking in at them both with a complete clueless smile on her face. She even lifted a hand and waved at them, smiling pleasantly, innocently, and completely unaware of the rather perverse picture in both men’s head at that moment.

It wasn’t really right to let Brian off his leash this much, but Jake couldn’t help it. He liked the thought. As wrong as it was, he liked the idea of Mindy being in such intense and unmanageable heat that she had to have him between her legs, had to get his cream inside her, and most of all had to start that family they had spoken so awkwardly about these past few weeks.

Still… the fantasy couldn’t go on forever, especially as Mindy opened the outside door and walked into the living room right as Brian finished some short description of her belly being so stuffed with cum that she sloshed when she walked.

“Hi there, guys. The game going well?”

Both Jake and Brian stared at Mindy for a moment, a long lingering moment where each man did their best to shift and subtly hide the prominent bulges they each had formed just thinking about the ripe young brunette in her early twenties. It was Jake who managed to answer, and his voice actually cracked slightly as he spoke.

“Sure… it’s… it’s interesting I guess.”

Mindy cocked her head to one side, looked at both Brian and Jake, then turned and looked at the television. “It’s certainly a unique looking sport. It’s odd that they play with more than one ball. I don’t really see how they keep everything straight.” She then looked over at Jake as she smiled and walked away, only adding one comment but one that made Brian lose his own composure. “I just don’t think I’d ever be able to handle that many balls at once.”

Brian had his fist in his mouth to suppress the laugh that seemed to spontaneously expel from his lungs. He did a decent job, all things considered, but Jake still glared at him. As soon as Mindy was in the kitchen and out of ear shot, Jake leaned over and spoke in a lowered tone of voice but one that was pure seriousness.

“Okay, you had your fun with the whole… whatever that scenario you painted in my head was, but let’s stop talking about her like she’s some fuck toy, okay. I mean seriously, I just am still bothered that she is so focused on a career right now. Nothing you can say or do changes that.”

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