Aug 26 2012

The Story of the Kreme Koat of Arms

For generations the Kreme family held a proud heritage of telling tales, tales which in the dark ages created cravings so severe, they were not to be spoken of aloud and soon became known as more than the word craving could communicate. Commoners feared those wearing the Kreme Koat of Arms on their clothing, for those who did often corrKreme Koat of Armsupted the innocent and pure with decadent stories of losing control and gaining much more. And so an unspoken plague was borne, one that history has only recently made public, a plague known as the Kreme Kraving.

Women throughout the Scottish countryside were often known to encounter those from Kastle Kreme late at night. Farmers were warned to keep a tight leash on their daughters else the Kreme Kraving claim them. Many of those who fell victim to the Kreme were suspected of being witches for their uncanny ability to swell and grow certain parts of their bodies and their unnatural desire to partake in chaotic sexual conquests, often many times in one night.

Puritanical beliefs resulted in many fleeing the countryside to escape the growing Kreme infestation as soon it became easier and easier to spread the Kraving to new and nubile flesh. The tales told would result in an addiction, a need for more tales, and more, until the name Kreme was spoken of only in the most secret of circles. Over time Kastle Kreme was lost and to this day no one sets foot in the dark and foreboding forest where the family once known as Kreme lived.

In the 21st century however, the Kreme has returned and so have the tales. Extreme caution must be used when reading any of these tales as the dark magic remains strong within them and the plague may just return. Share this Kreme Koat of Arms proudly as a new generation discovers the legend of the Kreme.

~ excerpts taken from The Legend of Kreme Kastle