Aug 30 2012

The first Kreme Kustom Kollection

Dream a little Kreme - Kustom Kollection #1Just released on Smashwords! The first Kustom Kreme Kollection of stories as kommissioned by two of his fans!

Dream a little Kreme – Kustom Kollection #1

Two Kremey stories, with the return of one of the Kreme’s finest offerings!


These two twisted tales were custom requested by fans of the Kreme, and now are available to all of the Kreme’s readers! You too can have your own place in the Kustom Kollections by kontacting the author at his website with your very own kremey request. Few requests are ever turned down, so kontact the Kreme today!

In Justice is Served, meet the Justice Sphere, a team of superheroes who have finally made the world safe again after a five year battle against all kinds of crime. Villains are no more and everyone wants to be a hero. Everyone that is except one man, a man whose life the Justice Sphere has been a part of in many ways and who has been left ignored and hurt by their heroic reign. Will this man take down the Justice Sphere in a way only the mind of a comic book writer can concoct or will Justice ultimately prevail? It’s an epic tale over 14,000 words in length and only the first of many adventures featuring these original superheroes created by the Kreme himself.

In Brain Drain Medical, we are once again thrust into the world of Brain Drain, the original Kreme Kreation that allows both physical and mental modifications of individuals in exchange for payments that might just leave the buyer brainless if they spend too quickly. This time top med-student Angela Maeda stumbles upon Brain Drain Medical, a special release of Brain Drain on her new hospital tablet that offers her an opportunity she can’t refuse. A way to impress her lead physician, satisfy the patients, and stay at the top. Everything is perfect, or is it? Brain Drain Medical really shouldn’t be left where someone else might make purchases the buyer has to suffer the payments of. Angela might just find herself satisfying patients in ways she never imagined and might find her brain tapped out.


Kustom Kollection #2 is already in production thanks to readers like you!


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