Aug 24 2012

A new series from The Kreme begins – The Chaos of S.M.U.T.

The Chaos of S.M.U.T. Book OneJust released on Smashwords! The latest series from The Kreme!

Thrills! Intrigue! Bimbos! Mind Control! The world faces a dark and terrifying threat! Who can possibly stop…

The Chaos of S.M.U.T.

It begins with Book One!

The world is facing an outbreak of crimes like never before, a global threat that has no limits, a terrorist plot that threatens the very decency of society. Who is behind this threat and can they be stopped? The answer to the who is S.M.U.T. a mysterious organized group that appeared just three years ago and whose crimes are escalating both in perversion and severity. The answer to whether their heinous crimes can be stopped is more difficult to answer.

Perpetrating acts where normal decent and responsible citizens in all walks of life are driven to uncontrollable lust and ever-increasing public indecency, S.M.U.T. appears to have no pattern, to have no demands. They seek only chaos. They will strike anywhere and everywhere, anyone at any time. And time is running out.

Enter the World Independent Mental Protection agency, headed by one Rick Reynolds, a hero among heroes who is dedicated to stopping this injustice before it descends the world into a depraved mess. Rick Reynolds will rely on his team and especially a new outsider, one simply called The Man who has unique mental gifts that might just prove the key to stopping S.M.U.T. in their tracks.

Who is The Man? Where did he come from? Just who is he really working for? And will Rick Reynolds discover the truth in time? The answers may surprise you and the ultimate climax of this tale is sure to shock and amaze you as the world faces The Chaos of S.M.U.T.

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