Aug 12 2013

Beware of the man with Green Eyes

Green-eyed Protection by Kris P. Kreme

Green-eyed Protection by Kris P. Kreme

A new Kreme Kustom Single has arrived!

Sato is the daughter of a powerful Yakuza leader in Japan, but she’s not in Japan and the gang she’s attempting to shape into a new branch of that respected and feared organization is about to show her the least respect ever.

After meeting a man on a Protection run, one look into his eyes has Sato brought to her knees and the gang couldn’t be happier. It’s Sato’s turn to bang the gang and find out what no protection feels like.


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Southern California has a new gang taking over the streets, and that gang is led by Jake Tanaka. But then this isn’t a story about Jake Tanaka; it’s about the one really running his gang, Sato Iwamoto, Japanese goddess and fiery bitch who is keeping everyone in line on orders from her father overseas.

The Yakuza are respected and feared in Japan, and Sato is bringing that respect and fear to America, taking street gangs from street to style with their actions and obedience. Everything is going perfectly and despite being the main squeeze of Jake Tanaka, someone she tolerates more than cares for, and mostly because he has the access to manpower to keep the gang growing.

Like any gang, Sato’s offers protection to certain locations, especially locations bringing in drugs and other powerful supplements for acquiring power in new regions. When a mystery man is recorded on cameras influencing his way into the cash of a register at one of their protected drugstores, Sato and Jake are on the way with a number of their men, serving the protection and intending nothing more than teaching this mystery man whose turf he is messing with.

One look into the man’s striking green eyes changes everything and from a mere glance, the mystery man can tell who needs to be taken down a few pegs.

No stranger to situations such as this, everyone’s favorite man with the glowing eyes is serving up some justice to the up and coming gangs Sato is empowering. His special blend of perverse justice will certainly have the gang members up, and definitely cumming, with a little help from Sato, the young Japanese goddess who’s never seen just how true the term gangbanging can be.

In the end Sato might be Jake’s main squeeze, but everyone enjoys a few healthy squeezes of her ripe young body and as for protection, well, Sato’s certainly not concerned about it as she does a whole lot more than just inspire her needy gang.

One of two brand new Kustom tales featuring the man with those special eyes; keep your eyes peeled for the other later this month.


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