Oct 23 2013

The 2013 Krop of Kandy Korn is here for Halloween!

Kandy Korn 2 by Kris P. Kreme

Kandy Korn 2 by Kris P. Kreme

Get ready for more Kandy Korn, the yearly Kollection of Klassics quenching your thirst for more Kreme. 

This year, face the zombie terror in the town of Romero through one family’s eyes as those eyes take on a glassy undead sheen. 

Follow a delivery man’s random trip the most feared home in a neighborhood.

Then witness the revenge of Pluto for calling their planet small, bringing big depravity to the people of Earth.


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The thing about Kandy Korn is that every year there is more of it, and so just like the previous Halloween with the Kreme, there’s a special bag of treats waiting with three fresh Klassics to Kollect.

In Dawn of the Zombie Sluts, the small mountain town of Romero is about to wake up to a misty fog, though what the innocent families in that town do not suspect is that this fog results directly from a horrible crash by a truck carrying highly dangerous government chemicals.

These chemicals are within the mist, the strange cloud that has enveloped the entire town and one family is about to discover that something is in the fog, something that will change them like never before.

As a government recovery squad moves in to try and take back the town, a growing army of zombies emerges, zombies with much more perverse desires than brains on their cold dead minds.

In For Whom Belle Trolls, the neighborhood kids are terrified of one innocuous looking home, or more specifically the Beast within. As a delivery man discovers when he has a package for the woman who lives there, it is not Belle’s Beast he should fear, but the mysterious Belle herself as she takes much more than just his package.

And finally in Propagators of the Planet Pluto, take a lighthearted journey behind the minds from a tiny planetoid that does not appreciate its status coming into question. When Pluto was changed to be called a dwarf planet, the fearsome and vengeful residents of Pluto sent their best ship to teach humanity a lesson.

The Plutonians have brought Propagation Pistols and they are going to make sure Earth understands what being small is all about by sending the populace into such a mating fit that the planet will forever be overcrowded and perversity will rule the land.

Whether you fear mysterious government chemicals, strange weather, zombies, the mysterious unknown behind closed doors in a rather innocent looking neighborhood, or babies by the billions, Kandy Korn 2 is sure to scare in only the most sinister and sinful way.


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