Feb 08 2016

The Sinister Serum concludes with a plan

Mickey Makes a Move, the Flipping Finale by Kris P. Kreme

Mickey Makes a Move, the Flipping Finale by Kris P. Kreme

Developing a sinister serum that flipped personalities and minds, Mickey Morno made weak lackeys out of super strong jocks and slutty whores out of proper moral women. He corrupted and ruined the modern metropolis, New King City.

He took their super-heroes, Three Queens, and made them his.

The government stepped in and ruined his fun, re-flipping most of the populace with their own version of a serum, closing in on the villain known only as MM.

It’s time to make a move, and Mickey is making one hell of an ambitious move, to not simply escape the country, but to rule another as its King.


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Mickey Morno was once a simple everyday loser, particularly in the grand scope of a metropolis like New King City. Frequently called Mickey Moron, he clawed his way to the top with something the square jawed perfection of many New King City citizens never bothered to cultivate, genius. Sure, it was admittedly a mad genius, inventing a serum that when introduced to a person literally flipped every neuron in their brain, reversing their thoughts, their dreams, their ambitions, and most every mental quality about them. Mickey’s serum worked though, a sinister serum like none other.

In a city like New King City, protected by the Three Queens, literal super-heroes in the form of three bad ass and super hot crime fighting babes, a villain was borne. Not just any villain though, as Mickey would soon climb the ladder of power, taking over district by district, until finally his criminal empire was reigning supreme over politics, the police, and even the young minds of their future.

Of course, all good things come to an end and Mickey’s motives, while not very good at all, met with a roadblock when the government stepped in. As was usually the case in any major American metropolis, only so much chaos could go undeterred before the men in suits stepped in to ruin the fun. Developing a serum that countered what a faceless villain known only as MM had dosed a majority of the populace with, the government began taking back New King City for the people.

Mickey faced losses including two of his Three Queens, only Red Queen managing to have enough of his serum inside her to prove immune to any attempts to reclaim her. He lost most of his criminal empire, the men he’d made lackeys of, the women he’d made eager sluts and whores of. It would have seemed that Mickey was about to be made the jester in his once flipped kingdom of New King City.

However, Mickey Morno never gives up without a plan, and this time his plan has flipped to all new extremes. Having paid more attention to the news just because of the meddling government and their re-flipping serum, Mickey, along with Red Queen and another highly skilled criminal vixen still in his power, have learned of a tropical paradise, a wealthy island country ruled benevolently for generations and only just now spreading their commerce and trade more openly, thanks to a new young Queen who intends to largely reverse the male dominated society in her land.

Queen Ferara is easily one of the world’s most beautiful leaders, a sinfully perfect blonde with a brain and generosity to match. She’s the leader of Seranico, an island nation that until now has largely remained private and mysterious. Fortunately for Mickey though, a regular milf of a mature woman, Ambassador Kaleen, is in New King City to show support for their recovery and advancement beyond the days of true super villainy.

With a plan in place, and his key chess pieces still in the game, Mickey will use this uptight milf ambassador to gain entry to her private plane back to Seranico, he will meet with this young Queen, and Mickey Morno will finally have the flipping finale to his rise to power.

New King City might be losing a villain, but from that loss the world is gaining a literal New King in Mickey Morno, and travelers will feel the wrath of villainy and depravity in a wealthy tropical locale like no other. Fates will be flipped, but this is one finale every fan of heroes and villains should flip over.


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  1. Darkwolf

    Loved the story though I was a little disappointed not to see what became of Tina and Red Queen in the epilogue, only complaint really.

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