Feb 17 2016

Kimmy’s character is going to be the star of the show

Kimmy's Big Debut by Kris P. Kreme

Kimmy’s Big Debut by Kris P. Kreme

Beautiful, bright, wholesome, and talented, Kimberly has so many blessings as many of her church family has witnessed. She’s destined to perform, to be in front of an audience, to have people applauding her, whether it’s singing, acting, or anything else she sets her mind to.

When the biggest and most challenging role she ever has acted leads her to a place in a bad part of town looking for inspiration and a fitting costume, will Kimberly get into character… or will the character get into her?


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Kimberly has always had a bright future, full of talent that she knows will take her far in life. Her biggest goal is to make it in Hollywood one day, to perform for audiences the way she has practiced and honed her creative endeavors for her church at home.

Of course now that she is eighteen and soon to be heading off on her own, Kimberly is facing the biggest changes of her young life. She’s also about to face the biggest challenge performing that she ever took on, volunteering for the lead role in an upcoming play for her church.

Kimberly will play a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who has a breakthrough and realizes who she has always been, a performance that will push her to bring emotional and positive response from the audience.

With a natural talent for all things theater, from acting to singing, Kimberly knows that the best way to prepare for a role is to create the character, be the character, and learn how that character is to give the most natural presentation. One thing that of course is key, is the right costume and it conveniently happens to be what she has planned for a nice dose of inspiration one Sunday after church.

A good girl never goes to the seedier part of town, especially to a place like Fetish Fun, a store in a rundown building that specializes in cheap leather, latex, and PVC clothing for the lower class members of society. Kimberly though has never shied away from awkward situations when it came to preparing for a role. The people are just that, people, and she can face some unsavory characters and conditions in the search for not only inspiration in her upcoming performance but a perfect costume to wear during the beginning of the play, before her character goes through the transition and epiphany of realizing who she is and what she is worth.

As bright, intelligent, and talented as young Kimberly is, she isn’t quite prepared for the sheer overwhelming atmosphere Fetish Fun offers as she walks through the door.

The stench of cheap leather, the smell of all things raunchy, the leers of dirty looking men, the sounds of metal music over speakers above, it’s all quite dominating and Kimberly really has to focus to get through the experience.

Of course something else is happening, and Kimberly might not realize what until it’s too late. Is she truly being inspired into what her character is, the role coming to life in her mind as an alternate version of herself? Is Kimberly discovering the Kimmy inside her, a simpler girl with no self-worth but how many dicks she can take inside her? Is she finding the mental place she will need to be at to convince an audience that her acting is flawless… or is Kimberly discovering something much more shocking?

Kimberly was planning to act like a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who finds out her true value and transforms in an inspirational moment… but in visiting the wrong side of the tracks, has an innocent girl taken the steps to discover that she never had any value at all, but a cheap leather wearing slut who does anything for a good dicking?

Good meets bad in one delightfully sweet little package but this is no act; it’s Kimmy’s Big Debut.


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