Feb 22 2016

Have you played SINtendo SuDIKu?

SINtendo suDIKu by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo suDIKu by Kris P. Kreme

You demanded more SINtendo!

The Kreme delivers!

A new monthly series called SINtendo Select brings all of the gaming action you expect from the Kreme… Do you have your game on?

Kari is as business minded as they come, enjoying success with her team of three brilliant if flawed men. They’ve done so well recently that a lot of downtime means nothing to do, but when the wisecracking and crude Victor sends Kari a link to SINtendo suDIKu, she might just find that there is plenty to do… or plenty to do her.

While she may have always been as business minded as they come, soon she may just try being as pleasure minded as she can cum, thanks to SINtendo.


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Kari is a hot prospect in her company, in more ways than one. She’s tenacious, young, and risen to division head faster than anyone before her. She also has just recently led her team to unanimous success in a highly profitable account, a success that has unfortunately led to a bit of downtime in the office.

While downtime to most would be great, Kari knows that it isn’t ever too great to be letting things go too smoothly, taking it too easy. There are other accounts to prep for, other jobs waiting to be done, especially if her three man team she heads up is to remain at the top of the company’s leadership board.

As Kari remains fierce and focused, the same can’t be said for her three talented but diverse workers. The older Pete is as nervous as he is caffeine addicted, practically jumping whenever Kari so much as speaks a demanding word in his direction. Ben is more of the middle of the road, focused on work but equally focused on whatever anyone else wants to chat with him about. Which of course leaves Victor, the troublemaker whose brilliance on the job is about the only thing keeping his attitude from leading to quick termination.

Kari never shied away from arrogance and men like Victor, the guy always making comments about her, always offering totally unsubtle leers at her, and today when she interrupts his loud water fountain conversation with Ben about some lurid sounding video game, she’s not about to back down.

As Victor puts it though, they’ve just had a huge success. It’s no harm to cut loose, relax a little, but Kari is quick to point out that all his dicking around is going to get him fired no matter what successes he has enjoyed.

Naturally it comes as a pleasant surprise when Kari is bored by lack of things to do, sitting in her office, and an email comes from none other than Victor, offering both an apology and a link to something he thinks she might enjoy.

She’s glad he’s finally getting with the program, but then nothing Victor ever did was fully humbling, or genuine so it’s a bit surprising he would send her a link to some sort of Sudoku gaming online.

Anyone in the company could tell you that Kari absolutely loved Sudoku, spending her lunch break everyday filling out one book or another. She’d mastered them all, traditional and non-traditional, but as she’s about to discover, this Sudoku is very non-traditional.
It’s obvious why Victor would link her to this, some company called SINtendo putting out a game they couldn’t even spell the name right to, calling it SINtendo suDIKu and featuring graphically rendered numbers that looked like little figures or parts of the human anatomy.

As angry as she is at the little ones that look like cocks or twos that look like women on their knees, Kari realizes one thing. It’s still Sudoku and she’s certainly more willing to accept some puzzle challenges than waste her time berating Victor for this when it’s obvious he just wanted to push her buttons and get a rise out of her.

Of course she’s easily able to solve the first puzzle, and even the second, third, fourth and so on. But what is with the strange amusement she’s suddenly feeling toward the congratulatory animations that happen when she completes a puzzle? Why is she actually enjoying the way the little number shaped figures move and grind against each other?

More importantly, Kari realizes soon enough, maybe… just maybe… there are better uses of company time than playing sexy puzzle games in her office. After all, she’s always been hard nosed in riding her team to succeed. Could it be time the team finally rode her?

Find out in the very first of a new monthly series sure to help every player get his or her game on. SINtendo Selects game of the month presents… SINtendo suDIKu.


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