Apr 08 2016

It’s time to check your reception…

Trance-tory Telecommunications by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Telecommunications by Kris P. Kreme

Good girl Emma Michaels discovers she has a bad cell phone signal when Trance-tory Telecommunications calls one night to check her service.

Fortunately the solution to her bad signal is easy, just listen to some tones, provide feedback, and then wait until the following night for a further signal check.

Why is it though that after each call, more tones heard clearly each time, Emma is finding herself thinking and doing things she never would have before?

From bad signal to bad girl, Emma is going to be discovering just how good her service truly is.


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Emma Michaels is a student at West Elmer’s High School and like every eighteen year old girl, Emma just loves the freedom of her own cell phone. Unlike many though, Emma has been selected at random by Trance-tory Telecommunications to participate in a signal check to ensure she is getting the best and most reliable service possible.

What Emma doesn’t know is that Trance-tory is a notorious company with their hands in all sorts of nasty business, emphasis on the nasty. Even during the first conversation Emma has with the helpful sounding man on the phone, she’s almost positive she hears him say things no one should say. However when he repeats himself, the bizarre crude things are perfectly ordinary everyday questions so clearly her cell phone signal isn’t up to speed.

All Emma needs to do in order to correct the situation is cooperate in a signal check, putting her phone on speaker, setting it down and listening to some tones. Afterwards she is asked how many tones she heard and that determines the quality of the signal.

On the first night she hears just two tones, and after the call feels inspired to download some new music, oddly discovering that while the lyrics might be more crude than she is used to, the songs aren’t that bad.

The following night, Trance-tory Telecommunications calls back, this time having applied some modifications and seeking her cooperation for another signal check. After hearing three tones, Emma decides that the next day she simply has to shop for better clothing, resulting in some rather unhappy parents at her choice of indecently revealing outfits.

Another night and another call from Trance-tory, this time the signal check resulting in four tones heard clearly. Again, after the call is over, Emma is feeling quite invigorated, seeing in herself what her boyfriend and others have always hinted at, a hot sexy young girl.

After a passionate self-stimulated night, the following day is when Emma discovers the joys of teasing, walking around town and the mall in her skimpy outfits, loving the looks men give her.

That next evening, the final call comes in from Trance-tory Telecommunications and this time they’re sure they have resolved the signal issue. One last test confirms it as Emma quite clearly hears all five tones and somewhat immediately decides that it’s well past time the always good girl virgin got herself good and fucked.

Thanks to Trance-tory, her calls will never be clearer, both her mind and legs will never be more open, and everyone who crosses Emma’s path will be smiling the smile of quite satisfied telecommunications customers, no matter what service they have.

Finally the Klassic Kreme original that inspired the hit web comic Trance-tory Takeover is available, and no signal check needed to read and enjoy as many nights in a row as desired. You might hate dropped calls, but the only thing dropped by Trance-tory Telecommunications is panties.


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